On Elliott at BA

Monday morning random musings – first, on word the consumer advocate Chris Elliott is considering joining the BoardingArea team. While I disagree with a lot (not all) of everything Chris Elliott has ever said about loyalty programs, I like the idea of having him on BoardingArea. The mix of miles and points, general travel, and travel tips at BoardingArea is great, and having Chris here will be one more plus, I think. Balance has never been a bad thing.

On Airline Service

I’ve read a couple of articles lately that lead me to think that I’m either extremely fortunate, have low standards, or spoiled by the trappings of elite status. Apparently, this past summer was horrid for airline performance, but somehow I missed out on the fun. It surely isn’t because I wasn’t traveling, believe me, I was. I experienced one notable delay over the summer, and that was my first in recent memory. Maybe I am just fortunate. Maybe it’s because I fly Delta most. Maybe it’s because I avoid NYC and Chicago. On the other hand, the coach seat squeeze is real, and elite status does enable me to avoid the worst of that. (I know Elliott loves that. 🙂 ) I know the accountants have the upper hand at airlines nowadays, but seriously, there are enough seats on the airplanes already.

On the Week Ahead

Watch for continued challenges in and around Chicago. Ugh.

-MJ, September 29, 2014

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