Sometimes you think some things will never change. For example, I never expected LATAM to leave the oneworld alliance. I’ll miss you, LATAM when you leave on 1 October 2020, that’s for sure.

LATAM provides an excellent network for oneworld frequent flyers in South America. You can get to unique places like Easter Island on the airline, which is a bucket list destination for many travellers.

Why I’ll Miss You, LATAM

I have had the pleasure of flying with LATAM four times. Twice in economy class from Madrid to Frankfurt and back, and twice in Premium Business Class from Auckland to Sydney.

Breakfast time on LATAM in business class includes gorgeous fluffy warm croissants. Accompanying these is a wonderful Mickelsen Gourmet spread, which is bursting with taste. So much so that I generally have several croissants just so I can devour more of the spread!

The on board service is on par with the other oneworld carriers. Personalised, friendly and very obliging when you want some extra items. In fact, sometimes you’re proactively offered extra things when the crew can see you’re enjoying something.

Another nice touch is the pre-departure drink. If you don’t want what is offered, you can request anything and they’ll bring it. I found this out when a couple nearby ordered vodka and tonics for a welcome drink and it was duly made a brought to them. Excellent!

Overall Thoughts

So, I’ll miss you, LATAM! Hopefully some of the oneworld airlines will keep a strong relationship with you. I almost exclusively fly airlines where I earn frequent flyer points and status, so unless there is that ability, I may never fly you again. Fingers crossed and time will tell what happens.

Have you flown with LATAM before? What did you think? Are you upset they are leaving the oneworld alliance or no big deal? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Sky KoreSCL via Wikimedia Commons.