Just a public service announcement on your SkyMiles MQDs. I’ve been watching them since you could view them beginning last year, and they have posted correctly without fail. However, my most recent flight did not. By my calculations, and based on the receipts available on Delta.com, I should have received 307 MQDs, but only 199 MQDs posted.

My original plan was for a 10 day trip, but that was cut short. I phoned the company travel agent to make a change, and my ticket was reissued for my earlier return at a slightly higher fare. The new base fare for the round trip worked out to $307. I watched my SkyMiles account for several days, and that 199 number never budged, so I finally gave up and emailed Delta via the website. I provided details of exactly what happened with my trip as well as both ticket numbers. I emailed yesterday morning, and when I looked at Delta.com late last night, my MQDs had been corrected. I still haven’t gotten an email response from Delta, and I suppose there’s an outside chance that this repaired itself on its own.

While my MQD count is likely to be waived because I am almost certain to hit the required $25K in spend on my Delta Amex, I think it’s still important to watch and make sure they post correctly. Happy Friday, and mind your MQDs.

-MJ, January 17, 2014