Midwest Express Airlines began operations on 11 June 1984 with two Douglas DC-9-10 aircraft. These were fitted with two by two seating across the fleet instead of the usual two by three, providing a high level of comfort.

Their long time slogan was “The Best Care In The Air”. With leather seats, free gourmet meals and plenty of leg room, they were quite a popular choice for people flying out of their Milwaukee base.

Midwest Express Airlines Video

Following on from the last video about People Express Airlines, this time we stay in the USA for a look at Midwest Express Airlines. The video below runs for a shade over 12 minutes and gives a decent history of the airline.

I have to say, seeing the interiors of the aircraft with what is essentially domestic first class seating today is something to behold. The fact they also spent $9 per passenger on food is also remarkable.

Slow and steady expansion coupled with perhaps some of the best on board service ever seen in the American domestic market meant the airline did quite well. They had a loyal following and passengers loved flying with them.

Of course, external events such as 11 September 2001 and more eventually took their toll. It was eventually merged into another carrier and ceased to exist.

Overall Thoughts

It’s interesting to see a carrier like Midwest Express managed to do well for so long. Offering superior on board service and amenities resulted in profits, a stark contrast to today where it seems to be the reverse.

Did you ever fly with Midwest Express Airlines? What were they like? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by RuthAS via Wikimedia Commons.