Glumbs“With fine-stitched finger-to-thumb sewing technology. Because the only thing dumber is texting while driving.”

This newest venture out of Chicago put me in stitches, and I hope it will to you too!
Keep spreading the word… put the phone away and drive.

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Glumbs describes its mission:

It all started when we realized just how common texting and driving has become among our friends, families and fellow drivers. And, how nonchalantly everyone does it. Trust us, we’re guilty of it too.

We’ve watched and listened to the expansive “don’t text and drive” campaigns. You know, those campaigns that graphically & emotionally draw on the tragedies caused by distracted driving. Yet, despite these heart-wrenching efforts, facts and real-life outcomes, people still text and drive all the time.

That’s why we created Glumbs.

By developing perhaps the dumbest invention, we’re taking a different, satirical approach to addressing this not-so-dumb issue. We’ve designed a driving glove with fine-stitched finger-to-thumb sewing technology in an effort to suppress the urge to text while driving and ultimately save us from ourselves.

In case you haven’t caught on, Glumbs is “gloves” and “dumb” combined. We know these are dumb, but the only thing dumber than Glumbs is texting while driving.

So, join the cause. Pick out the Glumbs that are right for you and share a pair – and the stupidity – with your friends.


I love it! What do you think of this creative way to increase awareness?


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