Filmmaker Casey Neistat never stops. Why would he when there’s more to do?! There is a reason his favorite day of the week is Monday — it means back to work.

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Do More
And “work” for Casey over the past year has been (beside fatherhood to his new baby girl born at the same time as our twin girls) a new app called Beme (pronounced “beem“). So why would Casey and his team make an app, let alone another social media app [groan]? I mean, haven’t we shared enough of our lives already with our family, friends, AND strangers?

Take it from Casey himself, he agrees. And that’s why Beme IS different.

beme app

Casey demos using Beme. See full video below.

Keeping It Real
I’ll admit it, the first time I saw how the Beme app worked, I was hesitant. But if timing is everything, I think Beme‘s arrival to the digital-sharing-app-world couldn’t be more spot on. Spot on because of everything Beme is not.

Beme is not filtering, cropping, editing. Beme is not highlighting, saturating, framing, toning, vintaging, graining. Beme is certainly not redoing.

Beme is instant. Beme is raw. There’s no preview. There’s no review. Beme is real.

Try It
Get Beme here.
Need an unlock code? Just ask me!
Add me on Beme: palmerlaw

Why the unlock codes (at least for now)? Casey explains, “To access [Beme] you need an unlock code. I will give them out periodically on the vlog or you can get one from anyone who’s already unlocked the app. This is a pain in the ass but Beme is a lot more fun when you follow people you know so we hope requiring an unlock code helps build organic communities.”


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