What is Maui’s Most Famous Restaurant?

Well, it may be a shock to some people that Maui’s “most famous” restaurant is not near any major resort. It’s actually located in Paia, a small cozy beach town. With countless praise on magazines, and with a 4.5 rating on TripAdvisor with 9,000+ reviews, many would consider Mama’s Fish House Maui’s “most famous” restaurant.

I booked a reservation for dinner, and it was my turn to see how good Mama’s really was.

The Dinner Review:


For my drink, I tried this Raspberry Hibiscus Mix (no alcohol of course! Teenager problems 🙂 which was quite similar to the Very Berry Hibiscus at Starbucks. But for $10, it was quite pricey. Not sure if I would order this drink again…

They served bread, and a small tomato bisque before the main meal. Bread was standard, and the bisque was quite tasty to open up my taste palate.


The Salad was okay, a bit small, and for $17 very pricey! I would not order this salad in the future.

Now, time for the entrees!


Mum and I ordered the Mahimahi stuffed with King Crab Baked in a Macadamia Nut Crust while dad chose to try the Ahi, Opah and Mahimahi sauteed in Panang Curry and Coconut Milk.


The mahimahi was no doubt the best mahimahi i ever had. It was cooked perfectly, and the fish was very fresh. Flavor was great, and the macadamia nut crust was a great complement. The king crab was a nice touch as well, and overall the dish was delicious.

Dad had the Ahi, Opah and Mahimahi sauteed in Panang Curry and Coconut Milk. He said it was decent, but nothing to rave about.

Now let’s talk about price. With a price tag of $58, was the mahimahi worth it? I still can’t decide. It was the best mahimahi I’ve had, but I’ve had pretty good mahimahi’s half the price. And the Ahi, Opah and Mahimahi sauteed in Panang Curry and Coconut Milk was $48. Dad said that dish was not worth it.


Mum and I decided we can’t skip the dessert! So we decided to try the Liliko’i Creme Brulee and the Guava Cheesecake.


The desserts were sadly subpar. The creme brulee ($16) was way too sour, and not good. And the cheesecake ($14) was really sweet. Not impressed. And they were pretty pricey!

Service and Ambiance:

Last but not least, how was the whole atmosphere? Service was pretty good, with the staff being very friendly and helpful. And the whole beach cottage was a nice environment.

Plus, free valet parking was a nice plus.

Verdict: So, Is Maui’s Most Famous Restaurant Really That Great?

Well, yes and no. I would say the main dish was DELICIOUS, and the best mahimahi I’ve had. So, yes that fish lives up to the hype! As for the desserts and salad, they were subpar.

I would come back in the future for a special occasion, but to be honest, forking $58 for a mahimahi is a bit too much for me!

So, in short, Mama’s Fish House is great, but be prepared to pay a pretty penny!


What do you all think? Have you been here before? Comment below!