I’m actually a bit surprised that this promotion is going on! Marriott rewards is offering a free night in a (Category 1-5) after 2 paid stays at any participating hotel worldwide! But, it’s for new members only and I assume many of you readers have a Marriott Rewards account already.

This may be shocking but I don’t have a Marriott Rewards Account.

Woah really?

Yup. I normally stay and book with my parents who do have Marriott Rewards accounts.

How do I still partake in this promotion if I already have an account?

1) Do you have kids over 18? Make them an account, travel with them and let them book the hotel!

And, if they won’t use the points after, transfer them to YOUR ACCOUNT. You can transfer Marriott points between accounts (up to 50k points a year) for only a $10 transaction fee!

Or, as a reader reminded me, why pay the 10$ transaction fee? “The kid can open an SPG account under the same address, transfer the points from Marriott to SPG, from SPG to the parent’s SPG, and from the parent’s SPG to the parent’s Marriott account, all for free.” That is true, just make sure you’re registered at the same address! And a reminder that transferring points counts towards the max of 30,000 Starpoints purchases per year. So, if you transfer 5k points, you can only buy or transfer 25k more for that year.

The Deets:

To earn your free night:

  • Join Marriott Rewards at this landing page and you’ll be automatically registered to earn your free night certificate.
  • Stay twice at participating Marriott Rewards hotels during your “earning period”.
    • Your earning period starts the day you enroll, plus 120 days from the end of your original enrollment month! So you have quite a bit of time!
  • Voila! You get a free night at a category 1 – 5 hotel after your 2nd paid stay

Remember a stay is defined as consecutive nights at the same hotel, regardless of check-in/out activity.

Can combine with MegaBonus!

You can combine this New Member promo with MegaBonus! All members can get 2,000 bonus points per stay beginning with their second stay and an additional 2,000 points for each new brand you stay with (starting after the 2nd stay). You just have to register by August 31st, and stay by September 7th.

The Verdict:

I will personally be joining because I am planning to stay twice later this summer with friends and family! A great offer for new members, or those who have teens (or kids in general) without accounts 😀



Featured Image: Renaissance Sanya Resort and Spa