With so many hotel options in Las Vegas, it can be difficult to choose the best value. For a quick stay in town, I opted for a Mandalay Bay room at a rate of just $66 after taxes. I’d never stayed at this property, and is seemed like a great price.

Recent changes to the MGM Rewards program include waived resort fees for Gold Tier members, which really changes the value proposition at their properties. Now you can score some hotels (e.g. Luxor and Excalibur) for under $30. Even better, MGM property nights can count toward World of Hyatt status.

The Mandalay Bay a step up from the other MGM competition, however, at ~$30 more for the night I was there. So, what is a Mandalay Bay room like for such good value?

Mandalay Bay Room: Standard King

Even from the room entryway, I could tell that the Mandalay Bay offers nicer accommodations that a few of the other cheap Las Vegas Strip hotels I’ve stayed at over the past few years. I find the blue, cream, and wood color scheme pleasant. The room and furniture have a clean, modern style.

Mandalay Bay room

a tv on a counter

The glass desk caught my eye. There were a good number of scratches in it, but its a nice design, the chair was comfortable for the hours I had to work, and power outlets are easily accessible.

Mandalay Bay room

Mandalay Bay room desk

There are two armchairs by the window. They are fairly nice overall, but I noticed a couple stains and a rip in one of the arms.

two chairs next to a table

a torn fabric with a pattern

The artistic design on the wall behind the bed gives the Mandalay Bay room some character, taking away the plain feel that characterizes so many hotel rooms.

Mandalay Bay room bed

a bed with a lamp in a room

The bathroom is what impressed me most about the Mandalay Bay room. It’s impressively large for a hotel only asking $59 per night plus tax. There is a large counter with a double sink, full bathtub, and separate shower. The toilet is located in its own room at end. My one comment on the shower is that the water pressure varied constantly. It was always enough for a decent shower, but it started to drive me crazy by the end. Not sure what was causing the issue.

Mandalay Bay room bathroom

Mandalay Bay room bathtub

a picture on the wall

a small white tray with small bottles and a glass on it

The Mandalay Bay room minibar is well stocked. You have plenty of alcoholic and non-alcoholic options, plus coffee and water above.

The prices are downright appalling. These are some of the highest I’ve seen. Paying $10 for a Sierra Mist or $14 for a Bud Light seltzer is ridiculous.

What I found most ridiculous is that the Mandalay Bay charges you for in-room coffee. That’s the first I’ve seen of that madness. Why even bother at $12 per kit when you can spend less at a coffee shop at Vegas (well, maybe…I did get coffee and a snack at Press in the Four Seasons lobby while here, and that ran me almost $12).

Mandalay Bay room minibar

a group of plastic bottles and cups on a table

a screen with a menu on it

The view wasn’t half bad. I was on the 19th floor.

Mandalay Bay room view

Now for the real kicker: I found a flea on me in the morning while starting off the day reading in bed. I’ve had indoor cats, so this is not a completely unknown occurrence. But it is a first for a hotel. I checked much of the rest of the bed, but that was the only one I found. It was definitely flea and not bedbug. My hope is that it is leftover from someone who brought a pet into the room and not an infestation. It definitely sullies my overall impression of the property.

Mandalay Bay Hotel and Property

I wandered the hotel for a bit, exploring from the Four Seasons lobby all the way to the shops that line the walkway between Mandalay Bay and Luxor. Not much really caught my eye, aside from the Mandalay Bay lobby. It’s a lovely space and started off the stay off on the right foot.

Rí Rá is my dining find of the trip. It is an Irish pub with great ambiance that makes you could actually be 5,000 miles away on the other side of the Atlantic. You could almost forget where you are, until you look back through the door and realize you’re mere steps from the Mandalay Bay Shoppes. The bartender would even simply asked if you want a pint, clearly assuming you’re in need of a glass of the black stuff. Sorry, no Guinness for me.

Final Thoughts

The good: A Mandalay Bay room is a sweet deal for less than $70 all-in. The style is nice, the bed and furniture comfortable, and the bathroom excellent. It’s great value.

The bad: You could see some wear and tear on the room and the shower had a mind of its own. Finding a flea in the bed is a bit concerning. I’d probably take my changes again, but this sticks in my mind.

It’s true. I may have warmed to Las Vegas a bit. I used to consider it one of my least favorite destinations. But I’ve come to enjoy the beautifully themed properties and plethora of great dining options. If only this could be divorced from the gambling, drinking, and carousing.