Many years ago, it was relatively common for airlines to produce films about themselves. There is a Lufthansa history video online, produced by the airline, which is well worth watching.

It is called “Time Flies” and it provides a really interesting look at aviation in Germany from 1919 onwards. Some of the challenges of the era are given to provide context as to what air travel actually changed.

Lufthansa History Video

Running for 27 minutes, it begins after World War I and quickly goes into the formation of Lufthansa and aviation as an industry. Since it developed in a similar manner around the world, this could be about any country. For example, air mail financed many a fledgling airline, as it did in Germany.

Some highlights include excellent footage of the Junkers G.38 from 4 minutes and 30 seconds and a mail plane being launched from the ocean liner Europa around 6 minutes 27. This is followed by an eye popping segment on the transatlantic services to South America, complete with the Dornier Do J Wal aircraft being retrieved by a ship in the ocean half way through and launched on its way by catapult after refueling!

The footage switches to colour at 13:28, when Lufthansa returned to the air in 1955. After some lovely shots of the Convairs and Lockheed Constellations, we go into the on board service from 15:30. This is always a highlight for me, as I rather enjoy seeing what the passengers of the past were eating, not to mention how they were sleeping in their berths.

It finishes off with a lot of footage of the Boeing 707, followed by the current service offered on board when the video was produced. It turns into very much a promotional video there, but it’s just as fun, especially when they’re touting the draught beer.

Overall Thoughts

This Lufthansa history video is a revelation. It touches on all the pertinent history, even making mention of all the pioneering jets, German, British and American.

As a promotional tool, I’d certainly be looking to book with Lufthansa. Maybe it’s just because it’s dinner time when I am writing this, but the food served on the 707 looks scrumptious indeed.

What do you think of this video? Is the Lufthansa service today the same or is it somewhat different? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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