On my Japan Airlines flight from Osaka (KIX) Airport, they offered business class passengers to utilize the KIX North Lounge on my December 2022 flight. Japan Airlines does operate their own lounge at Osaka, the Sakura Lounge, but it is currently closed at the moment. I was a little bit bummed because I have read that the Sakura Lounge is supposed to serve a signature curry dish for a food option, and I’ve wanted to try it.

Location and Details:

The KIX North Lounge is located in Terminal 1 International, past security on the way to Gates 101-103 on the 3rd Floor. As of my visit this month, there’s a lot of construction at this terminal, and many shops and dining are closed, so it was nice to have a lounge to escape to. There was literally one duty free food shop open, and the queue to make a purchase was 30 minutes.

North Lounge Sign

I’m not entirely sure what other airlines use this lounge, but I know Cathay Pacific uses is for their passengers. So I’m assuming Oneworld airlines would probably be using this lounge at the moment.

KIX North Lounge

KIX North Lounge Entrance

The Lounge:

Upon entering the lounge, you’re in the buffet section. There were a small selection of prepackaged snacks, cup noodles/udon, cold sandwiches, edamame, 2 hot options (pork dumplings, chicken teriyaki), and an assortment of breads. There were fresh juices in the fridge, beer, a selection of alcohol, coffee machine and coke freestyle machine. From the machine, I mixed a Peach Minute Maid with Iced Green Tea, and it was quite good! Not too bad for a small lounge.

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In terms of seating, the decor was quite interesting and modern with a lot of spinning chairs. During our Monday visit at around 3pm, it was relatively busy, but then around 4pm it was quite empty.

KIX North Lounge

Interesting Chairs

You can also see out into the runway, and for me it’s always great to be able to see planes from a lounge. I sat at the spinning chairs near the window, and there was a power port which was great to charge my phone.

There are also workstation desks if you prefer to complete some work.

Desk Seating

Seating in Back

Despite being a smaller lounge, there are clean bathrooms within the lounge which was nice.

The Verdict:

While not the best lounge, especially for flying international business class, the KIX North Lounge was not a bad lounge to visit given the current construction and lack of shopping/dining in Terminal 1 at Kansai International Airport.


Have you visited the KIX North Lounge before? How was your experience? Share below!




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