The very last new airline to take an Airbus A380 from the manufacturer is Japan’s ANA. Pictures have been released so now it’s possible to look inside and see what they are offering.

ANA will receive three aircraft which will all be used on flights to Hawaii. It looks like holiday passengers are in for a bit of a treat as there are some fun innovations to be found.

A Look Inside At The Fun Stuff First

Beds for Economy Class passengers – yes, you read it correctly – will be available. As you can see from the picture below, the example bed is laid out across the middle block of four seats. It’s called ANA Couchii, with the double ‘i’ invoking Hawaii. This system is the same as that designed and inaugerated by Air New Zealand, which is called a SkyCouch over there.

Laying down across three or four seats is the unwritten perk of economy class flights… if you can find a flight lightly loaded enough! The other interesting item is a Multi-Purpose Room.

Basically it’s a toilet sized area which is presumably used for changing into pyjamas, doing make-up before landing, changing babies and whatever else one might do in a room such as this.

How About The Seats?

There are four classes on board the ANA Airbus A380, so let’s have a look inside at what is on offer. Eight first class seats are offered at the front of the Upper Deck, featuring sliding doors for extra privacy.

Being at the front of the Upper Deck means extra large accessible toilets will be available. British Airways uses the space for the same thing for their A380 Club World cabin, making for a very spacious bathroom.

Business class features 56 seats in individual suites, while certain middle pairs can be used for couples if they so wish. At the rear of the Upper Deck are 73 Premium Economy seats arranged two three two.

Finally, the lower deck is completely filled with 383 economy class seats. The Couchii seats are at the rear, and the multi-purpose room is also down the back.

Overall Thoughts

Using three Airbus A380s on services between Japan and Hawaii is an interesting choice. With their festive paint schemes and a menu that will rotate regularly, it is hoped the aircraft can be regularly filled.

What do you think of the ANA interiors? Will you be taking one of these flights between Japan and Hawaii? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image via Airbus.
All other images by ANA via Flight Global.