Lifetime frequent flyer status is offered by certain airlines to reward frequent flyers who have been loyal for years. Usually the threshold is so high that most people would only achieve it around the time they retire.

Of course, some ultra-frequent flyers achieve it earlier and good for them. It means they are guaranteed to have a shiny card with lounge access forever. Well, “forever” as long as the airline remains in business.

Lifetime Frequent Flyer – But Then Switching?

I have seen a couple of random comments from people on forums in relation to lifetime frequent flyer status recently. One person said that now they have it with a oneworld airline, they can switch to flying with Star Alliance to achieve high status there.

Switching to another alliance altogether makes little sense to me. How many shiny cards does one person really need? Besides, as a devoted oneworld flyer, I can’t imagine having to fly with Star or god forbid, SkyTeam. I can do without choosing a new airline, learning a new programme and all the rest of it. It seems to unnecessary.

Another person stated that now they had achieved lifetime status, they could stop flying their own airline. Instead, they could concentrate on flying better airlines in the particular alliance they had the status with.

While I sort of get that point, it’s something we do anyway. I generally only fly the airlines in the alliance where possible. However, my location means my main airline will always be that. I’d only be able to switch completely if I lived somewhere else. This would be the same for most people.

Overall Thoughts

Quite frankly, if I achieved lifetime frequent flyer status with an airline, I’d be delighted. Should I keep flying as much usual, I imagine I’ll be around 65 when I get it. At that point, I’ll probably have no money to travel anyway, so it won’t be worth much to me!

Either way, it would not occur to me to suddenly decide to switch to a new airline. I fly with the airlines I do because I enjoy the service I get from them. I don’t do it because I’m aiming for lifetime status, that’s for sure.

Do you have lifetime frequent flyer status? Do you continue to fly with that airline or have you switched to another? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Images via Qantas.