Turkish Airlines have made a safety video featuring Lego characters from the LEGO® Movie. You will know from a post I have made in the past that I enjoy an unusual and interesting take on the safety message.

Since everyone has to sit through these videos at the start of each flight, it is always good to see something different. Keeping it fun and interesting is very on trend right now.

Lego Safety Video

Apparently the video production took 950 days from start to finish and there were 2,938,840 Lego bricks used to animate the action. I quite enjoy the Lego versions of an aircraft seat and oxygen masks and what not!

It all kicks off after the line, “and what do movie stars do between movies? Star in a flashy airline safety video!” The video is actually funny as it lampoons some of the familiar tropes being wheeled out by other airlines in their unique videos.

Not only does it manage to be amusing, it clocks in at under 4 minutes. Keeping things short and succinct is great, as sitting there for what feels like hours is never good.

There are different versions of the video depending on which aircraft you are on. Also, it comes in various different languages, so who knows what one you’ll get to see on board.

Overall Thoughts

Various things made me laugh, from trying to put the girl in the overhead locker, the shameless celebrity cameo and even how they had a song. All things that other airline videos have used!

Fantastic collaboration for Turkish Airlines and it really will help to promote the second Lego movie. I am sure that promotion is the main point of it all, but hey, why not?

What do you think of the new video? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image via Turkish Airlines.