I am really not sure why I haven’t applied for Global Entry. There is the $100 dollar fee….but that’s covered by my American Express Platinum Card. Then there’s requirement to be interviewed by Customs officials…. but the government already knows plenty of stuff about me. Well, there you have it….there’s just no good reason not to apply for Global Entry, so I did.

I began by reading about the program here. The I clicked on the apply link and found myself on a website called GOES. GOES doesn’t look pretty, but it worked. I had to establish a username, and go through a quick email verification process. After that was done, I was able to begin my application. The initial application gathers some basic background information like addresses, employment, and proof of citizenship. It was relatively painless, all things considered. I would say the whole thing took about 15 or 20 minutes, and my application was tentatively accepted.

What does that mean? It means I wait. Our applications will be reviewed, and if approved, we (MrsMJonTravel applied too) can then schedule a visit to Customs for an interview. We’re only one day in, and I have no idea how long it usually takes for the whole process, but I’m hoping to have this done before we leave for Italy at the end of October. Any Global Entry pros out there that can give me the 411 on how long the whole process usually takes?