Malaysia Airlines is one of the thirteen operators of the Airbus A380. The oneworld carrier is in the middle of a transformation plan with the aim to return to profitability in 2018. Two high profile accidents eroded consumer confidence in the airline so they have been fighting to regain their reputation.

What Is Happening With The A380?

Six Airbus A380s are the unwanted flagships of the fleet. These are deployed on a single route between Kuala Lumpur and London Heathrow. Three classes of service are offered with 8 First Class, 66 Business Class and 420 Economy Class seats.

It is common knowledge that Malaysia Airlines have been trying to sell the entire A380 fleet. They are no longer required which is evident as the jets only operate a single route. With no buyers for the aircraft being found, the airline settled on a unique solution.

Aircraft will be changed to a high density configuration seating 600 or 700 passengers and moved to a charter subsidiary of the airline that is yet to be created. The idea is that the aircraft will be used for religious charters during the Hajj and similar events. In addition, the aircraft will be available for lease to other A380 operators who may need additional capacity at certain times of the year.

Once the aircraft move to the subsidiary, oneworld frequent flyers will no longer be able to earn points flying on these aircraft. More to the point, who in their right mind is going to want to be crammed in with 600 or 700 other passengers just to get on board an A380? Not me. This means the time to get on board this aircraft is now.

Overall Thoughts

Malaysia Airlines expects the A380 to be retired in the middle of 2018. This gives you around a year and a half to get on board. Cabin service on Malaysia Airlines is reportedly amazing. A trip in First Class and Business Class on their A380 is on my list and not just for the airline’s famous Chicken Satay!

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