KLM commenced services to Dublin on 30 October 2016, returning to Ireland after quite some time away. While KLM are now flying to Dublin in their own right, the long standing codeshare agreement between Aer Lingus and KLM through Amsterdam remains in place.

The new services are operated by Embraer 190 aircraft which feature 100 seats configured with 7 rows featuring 32″ pitch and 18 rows at 30″ pitch. These comprise of 5 rows of Europe Business Class, 2 rows of Economy Comfort with the remainder as standard Economy Class.

The Desire

I want to fly KLM for a variety of reasons. It will be a new airline for me which is always a fun thing to experience. Visiting Holland multiple times over the years means I know quite a few Dutch people so I want to see what their version of on board service is like. Plus, I get to blog about the experience and have more comparison for my reviews overall.

The Dilemma

There is an event I attend every year in the Netherlands. This year I need to fly out on 31 March and back on 2 April and usually I will fly British Airways via London Heathrow. I enjoy using the lounges and of course I enjoy flying with BA.

Another option is to fly Aer Lingus or Ryanair directly from Dublin to Amsterdam but I can’t usually resist flying up front if I can. Both of these carriers don’t offer Business Class.

The Disaster

Pricing up flights I found British Airways are offering flights in Club Europe for €549.16. This is reasonable for four flights in Business Class. Naturally I checked out the KLM web site expecting the flights to be similarly priced. Wrong!

€928.68 return!

I have paid this much money for return Business Class flights between Europe and the USA before so I think this price is eye watering for a flight of 1 hour and 30 minutes. Do they sprinkle diamonds in your Champagne? Serve the meals off the bare skin of models? Just wow!

Overall Thoughts

As much as I would love to experience the hospitality at KLM, the price point is completely outside my reach for a flight of this length. There is no way on the web site to book Business one way and Economy the other way as I would do this if the web site were capable of it. What a shame! Thanks for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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