I was never one to find the hotel loyalty programs as enticing as airline programs. I have always found airline elite status to have a greater impact on my travel experiences, even when I have less of it than I used to. That said, I’d rather have hotel elite status than not, and unlike every other blogger on earth, I’ve never really minded Marriott. Is Marriott Rewards richly rewarding? Hardly. But their hotels are usually where I need to be, I can expect a fairly consistent experience, a clean room, etc.  Lately, Kimpton loyalty has been taking on new meaning for me.

Sometime last year I decided to swear off what I call “big box” hotels. While I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to book a big box hotel when needed, I shifted most of my stays over to smaller, more unique properties. I’m fortunate in some ways that my business travel patterns have evolved into mostly domestic, mostly big-city spots, where Kimpton Hotels actually meet that majority of hotel needs. That’s a good thing because I love Kimpton!

Thursday evening I returned to The Donovan in DC to find a note waiting for me.

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This was in addition to my Inner Circle amenity that was in my room at check in the day before.

kimpton karma, kimpton hotels, kimpton inner circle

Staying Loyal

Now, I’d just returned from a fantastic dinner at Mastro’s, so no dessert for me. But that’s OK…it’s the little things that matter. Just one little reason I will return to The Donovan again soon, and recommend the hotel to others headed to Washington, DC too. The jury is still out on what lies ahead for Kimpton in the wake of the IHG acquisition. On one hand, it could open up a whole new world of ways to use rewards for international stays. Whatever happens, it would be a shame if Kimpton loses little touches like this.

-MJ, January 16, 2016