Savannah, Georgia is a wonderful historic city in the United States and I had the pleasure of staying at The Brice Hotel when I visited. The Brice is a Kimpton Hotel and this chain of hotels is aimed at quirky upscale trendy people. The hotels are sometimes pet friendly and the way they market themselves is very engaging. For example, The Brice refers to itself on the main page of their web site as ‘the Southern Belle of Hotels in Savannah’ and on another page uses the tag line ‘Slightly Rebellious Elegance’. Let’s have a look at this hotel.

Lobby and Dining Room

The lobby is designed to resemble a cosy living room in a person’s house. It features book shelves, comfortable sofas, interesting art and a table or two. It is a fantastic place to relax in between touring the city.

Pacci is the Italian Restaurant and bar on site. I was travelling alone on this particular trip so I avoided eating in the restaurant but did avail of room service.

Food is very good and the choices I made were filling and delicious!

Daily Happy Hour

The Kimpton Hotels often have a daily happy hour where you can visit the lobby and sample a drink or two on the hotel. I first came across this phenomenon at the unrelated Savoy Hotel in San Francisco and I think it’s a great thing.

At The Brice there was red wine and white wine and also a signature drink which was a vodka ice tea if I recall correctly. I enjoyed the fact they had a signature drink and it helped that it tasted great.

A Room at The Brice

Rooms are spacious and quite bright. The reading chair and lamp was very appreciated as I always like to read a bit when I’m on holidays and having a comfortable place to do so is welcome.

There was no mini-fridge in the room however there were still mini-bar items laid out in a pleasant box on the desk. It is so hot and humid in Savannah that all I really wanted was water. Happily there were ice water stations all over the hotel where you could pour a free cup or seven.

Besides being brilliantly pink, the wardrobe contains robes, a Yoga mat (Kimpton Hotels are all about wellness), a safe and extra pillows. The bathroom features a tub and shower and a very large lighted mirror.

Overall I was delighted with the room and was happy for it to be my sanctuary for several nights.

Fun Photos

Here are four photos to give an example of the vibe of the hotel.

There were many cute touches like this throughout this thoughtfully designed place. It was a feast for the eyes!

More Amenities and Cheek

The Brice features and outdoor terrace and a pool. The pool is fairly small which is why the hotel web site invites guests to have a ‘splash’ in it.

A storm caused a power outage while I was there and the happy hour was extended as a result. The next morning we had the above letter from the Manager under our doors. It is very indicative of the Kimpton style. While it does appear flippant, it should be noted the employees at the hotel were nothing but fun and professional in their work ensuring all guests had a fantastic experience. The fact they can do this with a dash of levity is testament to their training and the ethos of the chain.

Overall Thoughts

Savannah is a wonderful city and The Brice is located in the heart of the Historic District. It’s an easy walk everywhere and the area surrounding the hotel has a whole lot of jaw dropping architecture to view around the famous squares. After a day visiting Bonaventure Cemetery or River Street or the squares it is a pleasure to come back to the air conditioned comfort of the hotel. I fully intend on staying again. Thanks for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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