Get Elite Status on All U.S. Airlines

jetBlue Mosaic Logo (jetBlue Airways)

jetBlue Mosaic Logo (jetBlue Airways)

If you’re a frequent flyer holding status at Delta, American, or United, I’m guessing you just laughed at the title of this post.  “Mosaic status is the best elite status, good one!”  I get it, you’re skeptical.  How could jetBlue, a fairly young low cost carrier have the best elite tier out of any U.S. airline? Well, they don’t in the sense you’re thinking. Mosaic status gets you the basic benefits; expedited ticketing, security, boarding.  But that’s about it.  You’ll also earn a few extra miles.  Other than those benefits, a lack of airline and hotel partners combined with unexciting redemptions makes Mosaic a pretty substandard elite tier.

The only reason Mosaic status is the best elite tier you could hold is because of what your Mosaic status allows you to do at rival airlines.  jetBlue Mosaic status allows you to hold elite status at pretty much every U.S carrier.

Silver and Gold…and Platinum

The unfortunate reality for jetBlue Mosaic customers is that your status is pretty substandard.  According to jetBlue’s website, these are the benefits TrueBlue Mosaic customers receive;

jetBlue Mosaic Status Benefits

jetBlue Mosaic Status Benefits

These benefits are pretty standard across every U.S. carrier.  However, usually, these benefits are part of hitting the first elite tier.  For example, these are the benefits an American Airlines Gold or Delta Air Lines Silver customer would receive upon hitting intro status.  Mosaic status isn’t an intro tier, it’s the one and only elite tier at jetBlue.

Mosaic status is fairly easy to achieve if you fly often, especially along the eastern seaboard.  Earn 15,000 TrueBlue points over a calendar year (from flights and vacations packages) and you’ll earn  Mosaic status for an entire year.  As a reference point, my $617 Mint Class ticket earned me 3,250 points from Boston to San Francisco.  That means after 4ish flights (2 round-trips), I’d have Mosaic status.

The Main Reason

“If Mosaic status is so substandard, how could it possibly be the best elite tier out there?”  Match Mosaic status to any other U.S. carrier and you have the potential to achieve an airline’s highest elite tier without spending a cent.

Because jetBlue only has one elite tier and it’s not unbelievably easy to achieve, airlines are willing to match your Mosaic status to one of their higher elite tiers.  Below is a chart of comparable status on other U.S. airlines;

jetBlue Mosaic Status Chart

jetBlue Mosaic Status Chart

jetBlue Mosaic status allows you to match your status at other airlines and receive high elite tiers.  Mosaic status will let you match up to Virgin America’s highest elite status, Elevate Gold.  You’ll be entered into a Platinum status challenge at American or receive Gold status at Delta.  Of course, this requires you to send some emails and wait awhile.  Depending on an airlines status match policy, you might even be denied or be asked to pay to be entered into a status challenge.  Still, Mosaic status has the potential to grant you access to Oneworld business class lounges (benefit if American Advantage Platinum status).


Yes, the benefits of jetBlue Mosaic status are really underwhelming.  Still, other airlines value Mosaic status pretty well.  By requesting a status match, you’ll have the potential to hold elite status at a major airline.  The key is to know how to match your status and to request a status match at the right time.  Many airlines will end promotions halfway through the year and won’t restart these promos until the end of the year or the beginning of the following year.

If you manage to get matched, you could potentially be looking at first class upgrades, lounge access and bonus miles.  All you have to do is fly on jetBlue a bit and you’re set.