It is no secret that New York based JetBlue is planning transatlantic services. London services have definitely been on the cards for a while, with the airline coyly saying they applied to multiple airports there.

Recently, people noticed that JetBlue appeared on the London Heathrow website, which noted they were an operator at Terminal 2. Now more evidence has come to hand, indicating flights will commence this summer, with slots now being allocated.

JetBlue Coming To London Heathrow

A slot is a specifically allocated take off and landing time assigned to an airline to operate a flight at a congested airport. At London Heathrow, slots are hard to come by in peak times, as they’re all already taken by incumbent airlines. You can read more on slots here.

Each season, airlines have to apply for slots and if you used them the previous season you will generally get them again. It makes it difficult for new entrants to serve congested airports, with London Heathrow being particularly bad.

Airport Coordination Limited (ACL) awards the slots and the latest update shows JetBlue has been allocated slots for Summer 2021. These are for flights to and from New York JFK and Boston.

Starting from 2 August 2021, JetBlue has 14 slots, meaning one take-off and one landing each day for seven days. It increases to 22 from 13 September (adding an out and back on four more days) and the following week to 28 (allowing double daily service).

What Does It Mean?

Since 270 slots in total were awarded and 90 were allocated to Boston and 180 to New York JFK it means this. From 2 August, JetBlue will start daily services New York to London.

Presumably from 13 September, a four times a week Boston service will start, increasing to daily the following week. Therefore, they will serve New York and Boston daily from there on.

Overall Thoughts

JetBlue have not officially announced anything, however all evidence points to these flights going ahead. Airlines that don’t use their slots lose them and it’s difficult enough for airlines to get slots at London Heathrow.

It means the New York airline will be joining the big boys and flying across the Atlantic. With their disruptive pricing, this could be the beginning of some very tasty prices in business class on transatlantic flights. Their new Mint business class product certainly looks good!

What do you think of JetBlue serving London Heathrow from New York and Boston? Will you be using them? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Adam Moreira via Wikimedia Commons.