New JetBlue Amenity Kits

JetBlue announced on Thursday that it would be phasing out their innovative Birchbox amenity kit and would be introducing a new amenity kit designed by Hayward and Hopper.  JetBlue introduced their first amenity kit as a partnership with Birchbox, a New York-based start-up.  The Birchbox amenity kits were available to all JetBlue Mint Class passengers and were well received by most passengers.  However, JetBlue has decided to make a change with the introduction of a new amenity kit which will debut in the coming months.

New Amenity Kit by Hayward and Hopper

JetBlue’s new amenity kit, which will debut in the coming months, is designed by New York-based Hayward and Hopper.  Hayward and Hopper specialize in artisanal handbags  and accessories.  Additionally, Hayward and Hopper will be selecting the amenities that will be available in the amenity kits.  The amenity kits will be exclusively for passengers traveling in Mint Class on premium transcontinental routes.

From JetBlue, “From all natural lip balms to refreshing towelettes, all personal care products included in the kits are made in the United States and were handpicked by Hayward and Hopper. Each kit also comes with a matching eye mask as well as screen cloths illustrated with photographs taken by Hollywood legend Dennis Hopper and provided by the Hopper Art Trust archives.” (Link to press release here)

Hayward will provide the amenity kits for women while Hopper will provide amenity kits for men.  This is similar to the amenity kits provided by Birchbox.  Additionally, JetBlue did not make it known why they dropped the Birchbox amenity kit which was a favorite among Mint Class passengers.

WATCH: JetBlue’s New Amenity Kit


The new amenity kits designed by Hayward and Hopper will provide a much more premium feel.  However, based on images and statements from JetBlue, will feature much less in terms of the amenities available.  The current partnership between JetBlue and Birchbox allowed for amenities, which included hair gel, makeup, shaving creme, and lotions, to be updated monthly.  The new partnership with Hayward and Hopper could potentially skimp out on unique and useful amenities in favor of a more durable and premium looking bag.

As previously mentioned, the new amenity kits will debut in the next few months to all Mint Class passengers.