So, my parents recently flew Delta One from Los Angeles (LAX) to New York (JFK) roundtrip, and they had quite a bad experience on the outbound leg. Thankfully, their inbound leg was much better. I thought it would be helpful to share their experiences with you all, and the tl;dr is that you shouldn’t fly in Delta One on an old 767-300 currently lol.

Delta One Bad on the old Boeing 767-300:

So for starters, right before boarding the gate agents called them up to see if they wanted to give up their window seats for middle seats because other passengers were requesting it. They didn’t really want to, so they declined and then the agent sent them back to the line. Then, the gate agent called them back and then asked about giving 500 Skymiles to give up the window seats and when they declined. The agent then was very rude and said something along the lines of “Why not it’s still Delta One I’m not kicking you off the flight”.

First off: 500 Skymiles is like worth nothing when compared to the price of a Delta One Business Class ticket. Second, “I’m not kicking you off” really???


It only got worse from here. They said the plane with filthy, and when they wiped the seat with a Clorox wipe it turned dark gray. Also, the cabin hasn’t been refreshed in a long time; it looks practically the same when I flew Delta One in 2014.

Apparently the cabin is very outdated now, and not private at all. I believe a few of the 767-300’s (the ones with the new Premium Economy) have “refreshed covers” but same seats, which would be a little better than these very outdated ones. This plane didn’t have premium economy seats, so I think they haven’t been renovated in ages.

Also my mom’s IFE touchscreen was not working well and was unresponsive.

Delta One bad

Delta One 767-300

Also, the flight attendants on this flight were very rude- they constantly rolled their eyes when my parents (or even other passengers) asked for assistance in operating the seat or for other requests. One attendant also angrily pulled down the window shade mid-flight. Considering it was a 1pm flight departure landing in New York at 9pm I don’t see why they did that as it is not a night flight. Regardless, the attendant could have asked nicely rather than reaching over and angrily pushing it down abruptly.

My mom also hated her cold salmon dish.

My parents have sampled domestic United Polaris and American Flagship Business in the past year, and they said those were leaps and bounds better than Delta One on the 767-300.

Delta One Much Better on the Boeing 767-400:

Thankfully, their return flight was on the newly renovated 767-400. These seats were a lot nicer, and offered more privacy. Also, much cleaner.

Delta One 767-400

767-400 Cabin

And, the service was much better according to my parents!

My mom said she enjoyed her lunch too- some chicken wing dish with mac and cheese.

The Verdict:

Overall, it seems everyone should avoid the 767-300 in Delta One, and hope you get a crew that isn’t rude. I remember a time when I used to love Delta One but perhaps Delta One is not good anymore. I do actually have some flights scheduled next month with them, so I will report back with how it goes! Hopefully it is a much better experience.


Is Delta One bad now? Have you flown Delta One recently? How was your experience? Comment below!




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