The miles and points game is never static, it’s always on the move. As frequent travelers, we’re constantly trying to adapt to card issuer regulations and market conditions. Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, we’ve seen many issuers make it more difficult for people to get easy online approvals for credit cards. Moreover, bank executives have been openly vocal stating how card issuers are not actively looking to acquire new customers. However, a few recent data points could possibly signal a move in the right direction. Is Chase doing the same with their business credit cards? Let’s have a look at what’s going on.

Chase Business Credit Cards

Recent data points on Reddit indicate that Chase could be relaxing stringent restrictions that it placed on Business credit cards right after Covid-19 hit. Initially, Chase’s response was a reaction to the situation that many small businesses were finding themselves in. Therefore, Chase tightened their lending restrictions and cracked down on business credit card approvals. Also, Chase required users to log in before applying for business credit cards. Chase was declining many applications citing a reason that the applicant didn’t have a Chase Business checking account open. However, these recent data points seem to be very encouraging.

Attempted to apply for the CIP – Auto Approved with Experian LOCKED.

CL – $9,000

Last attempt in April failed due to the usual COVID excuses.

3 year business, Sole Proprietorship.

EDIT – Biz Category: Electronic Reseller, 4/24, have 1 CIP and 1 CIC currently, previously had Chase Biz and Checking accounts which are now closed.

Two more Reddit users reported immediate approval for the Chase Ink Business Unlimited.

Data point 1:

DP: auto approved for Chase Ink Business Unlimited today.

Details: sole prop, 1 yr in biz, 6k revenue, 3rd ink biz, had a prior biz checking account, remodeling

Think about which industries are thriving despite the pandemic, and keep that in mind when you complete the app.

Data point 2:

Approved for Chase Ink Business Unlimited. Already have the Ink Preferred.

I was rejected a few months back but accepted this time. I have a real estate license on the side and applied as sole proprietor.

After the rejection, I signed up for the united Card and was instant approved. At 3/24 with 7 total cards now (5 regular, 2 business).

The Pundit’s Mantra

Overall, I’m hoping this is the start of a trend in the positive direction. It’s always fantastic to see card issuers relax restrictions. Well, travel may not be back but it always helps if it gets easier to rack up miles and points while sitting at home.

Have you recent applied for any of the business credit cards by Chase? If yes, what was your application experience like? Tell us in the comments section.


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