I am pleased to report that American Airlines managed to transport me between 2 points on a map today in a manner that is consistent with what one should expect from a reasonably reliable airline.  We pushed back from ORD right on time, maybe a minute or 2 early, and arrived DCA well before our scheduled arrival time of 9:45a.m.  We taxied straight to the gate where we were immediately met by an agent.

And that friends, is the way it should happen most of the time.  Obviously, an airline can’t control everything, and I think I’m probably more understanding than most people when those kinds of delays happen.  But I’ve had a tough summer on AA, and Friday’s mechanical was just the latest in a particularly annoying string of snafus.  Maybe I just have some black cloud hanging over me.  🙂  Who knows?  I’m still taking a break from new travel on AA for a while.  I wonder if they’ll notice?