An uncommon light dimmer in a hotel at the EVEN in Rockville, Md. Photo by Barb DeLollis.

An uncommon light dimmer in a hotel. Photo by Barb DeLollis.


ROCKVILLE, MD. – Some things that many of us have at home are hard to find in hotels, like windows that actually open.

Another example is the extraordinarily simple light dimmer.

At the two-month-old EVEN hotel on Rockville Pike, however, guests will find a light dimmer in every room beneath the TV screen. I like it. We installed them in every room that we built in our house when we did a two story addition a few years ago.

In fact, I’m sliding it back and forth right now as I finish writing this post at the standing desk in my room beside the TV. (But that’s another story that I’ll save for a different post. Stay tuned on the TravelUpdate blog!)

If you haven’t heard of EVEN, don’t worry. It’s brand new. There are only two operating right now – this one, and another in Norwalk, Ct. It’s the sister brand of Holiday Inn, created by IHG. It’s aimed squarely at the wellness- and fitness-oriented crowd, in other words people who like kale and TRX workouts. I’m spending the night here with a few bloggers, so I’ll have more to report tomorrow!

READERS: How often do you find light dimmers in hotels? Do you wish more hotels had them?