Iberia Plus is the loyalty programme of the Spanish airline Iberia. The airline is a member of the oneworld alliance and use Avios as the air miles currency.

Avios are used by other airlines such as Aer Lingus and British Airways and the common denominator here is that all three airlines are owned by IAG. I have recently joined Iberia Plus and I received my new member pack today. So, what’s inside?

Iberia Plus Send You A Real Letter

Snail mail is terribly passé amongst the digital set. When it comes to frequent flyer programmes I prefer to get something in the mail. The tangible aspect is important to reinforce the fact you are a member.

The first thing I thought when I received my letter was how pleased I was. Aer Lingus’ AerClub offer you the chance to print your own card, which is down there with stepping in dog shit as far as wow factor is concerned.

Not only is the letter bright red but I knew what it was immediately. The Iberia Plus logo and the very familiar oneworld logo are on the front. When I flipped it over, I smiled with surprise.

It says, “Welcome to a journey that will take you where you want to go.” Cute! Also quite obvious but I like it. Little things like this are very much to my taste.

My New Buddy – Renata Rached

There is a letter inside from the Head of Iberia Plus. Apparently I am going to discover a new way of flying and get this – it will be more intense, more flexible and more comfortable! On Iberia!


A very succinct rundown from Renata with all the information that I need. Clearly it is marketing but it is certainly straightforward which is great.

Be Still My Beating Heart – There Is A Card!

Print your own card? Not in Spain! Iberia are aware that people like me exist and that I like having a card. I will also be more likely to use a card that is a proper card and not a piece of paper I printed myself.


Intriguingly the card is on a background of some shells and a watch. Does this mean I am going to the beach? A beach where I can wear my watch and presumably forget about time? I’m game!

But Wait – There’s More!

Saving the environment and keeping costs under control is always a good thing. Kudos to the airline that prints more information on the back of the page. While I come across as flip, I am quite serious here. Use all the paper!

Information presented on the back side is fairly standard. What you can use your Avios for, what is available on the online portals and more. Plus, in a nod to the modern world, there is a QR code which you can scan that takes you to the web site.

Remember – your Iberia Plus Card is not just a card, but a different way of flying. I’m going to strap mine to my ass and leap off a building to see how this works!

Overall Thoughts

I enjoy receiving things in the mail and frequent flyer cards are always welcome. Receiving an actual card beats having to print my own any day of the week. Now I can keep the card in my wallet and use it the next time I travel. Marketing speak amuses me immensely and Iberia really shine with some fun lines in their pack.

Do you prefer to have a physical card or is the card a thing of the past? I’d love to hear your opinion in the comments section below. Thanks for reading.

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Featured image by U-19 via Wikimedia Commons.