It was my first time in Boise and my first time in Idaho. Boise gets its name from the French words ‘bois’ or ‘boisee’ meaning woods that were used in the 1800’s to describe all the trees in the area. And of course you pronounce it Boisee not Boizee !

Here is my review of when I took American from DFW to Boise and back.

Here is a link to Boise airport and surrounding area.

Flight from DFW:

I believe on most days there are 3 flights between DFW and Boise but sometimes there are 4. It often depends where the previous days flights ended up.  On our day we were on the 10h28 that arrives just before 1pm. That flight went back to DFW later and then returned to Boise at about 9h30 in night, but those times also vary.

On board the 737 on this flight. A great workhorse along with the A321 for most domestic flights.

I ended up boarding in Group 1 with a Platinum Pro friend of mine. I am normally Group 3 but it was fun to board while the plane was still quite empty.

two people in an airplane

A nice view of the cockpit. It all looks very calm and casual.

inside a cockpit of an airplane

First one on board in the main cabin on the way to DFW …

a row of seats in an airplane

The empty cabin

and this was in Group 3 on the way back.

a group of people in a plane

Experiences on board:

My seat in row 9 was perfect, a left window seat in front of the wing.

a seat in an airplane

I am 6ft 1 and this is my leg room sitting right up front of the main cabin. It is nice when you can get these seats.

a person's legs and feet in the seat of an airplane

This is me on the flight back to DFW when I sat in row 34. No extra inches available. I am not sure why it is only the front few rows that have the extra space. I guess it was just that there was not enough space to put in an extra row in front of the first exit so the rows got the inches.

a person's legs in a seat belt

This is the view from near the back of the plane. Group 3 gets me in way ahead of a lot of other people. I can normally watch about 15 minutes of the movie before we even leave the gate.

an airplane with many seats

I never need a restroom on a domestic flight so popped into the rest room before we took off back to DFW to check out the loo on the 737. It is rather a small space but I suppose it is all you need. International flights have larger restrooms so this smaller one was a surprise to me.

a blue lit toilet and sink

The safety card for the 737 is the 2021 edition. Comprehensive details on emergency evacuation and door openings.

a blue and white book with red text a instructions on a plane

a instructions on a plane

The on board entertainment system is great on American Airlines. You regularly have access to movies on board while they are still on circuit.

They also have a great variety of older classic movies as well as tv series and cultural programming.

a black and white brochure with images of people and cartoons


Views outside the plane:

A view of the salt flats neat Salt Lake City.

an aerial view of a desert

This was at Boise airport before the flight back.

a plane being loaded with luggage

American 737 ready at Boise airport

After the flight:

I normally look at the boarding sign as I leave the plane just to see where it is going next and if it is on time.

This was the sign when we entered Boise airport, running a bit late after our tire change in DFW.

a sign on a wall

This was the boarding sign for our trip back to DFW.

a screen with a sign on the wall


Thoughts on these flights:

I fly around the USA at least 6 times a month so my status helps me get on board early and mostly I can get a good seat. I prefer to see land when I look out the window so I will normally be in row 34 if I cannot get a window seat ahead of the wing.

The American Airlines experience is a rather a good one. I do not get to fly on United or Delta so I cannot tell you how American compares but I normally have a pleasant experience every time I fly. I have never had a bag get lost and weather delays are nothing I can change. Every now and then there is a delay that seems unusual, like a week ago when we had a delay because they had to ‘change a tire’. Well if they can do that while the plane is full of passengers and baggage then great work.

I will never complain about flying because almost every American Airlines employee I have the pleasure of dealing with wants me to get to my destination on time as much as I do.