Delta made a little tweak to sometime in the last month or so that I had not picked up on until a week ago. I book my personal flights via, hit purchase, and the flight tickets. Life goes on. However, my day job requires me to use a corporate travel agent. I book via our travel planning website, then go to and assign myself seats I want. Recently, I went through this exercise and when I attempted to assign myself an exit row seat I got a big screen of the following:

Do what? I tried again. Same message. In fact, I tried just about every single preferred seat on the airplane…same deal. Fortunately, I was automatically assigned a preferred seat, but I could not change to a different one. A quick chat with the great folks at @DeltaAssist and I learned something new.

Well, that’s mildly annoying because my business flights do not ticket until three business days prior to departure. Perhaps my business travel advanced ticketing rules only cover a limited subset of travelers (likely), and Delta feels like it is protecting seats for preferred fliers? The requirement to be ticketed has always applied to Economy Comfort seats, but this is the first time it has prevented me from selecting an exit row or other preferred seat. Anyone else notice this, or did I just miss the memo?

-MJ, June 1, 2013

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