In the city for 5 days and so I spent it in the Hyatt Place, Times Square in New York. It is in a great place for walking sightseeing. The Hudson Yards are a few blocks away, Times Square is about 3 blocks away and the river with the Intrepid Museum is about 6 blocks away. A very nice place to be based as shown by the amount of hotels in the block where the Hyatt is.

a black van parked outside of a building

Right across from the Hyatt is a Holiday Inn Express, Candlewood Suites and Hampton Inn.

You can see how the 3 hotels are almost the same building. They are high, at least 30 stories each.

a car parked in front of a building a tall building with many windows


Hyatt Place reception areas:

This is the reception area. It is not very big and can get quite crowded. As you can see from the photo of the other hotels, there are a lot of hotel rooms but not a lot of reception area

a reception desks in a hotel

This view is from the reception desk of the waiting area.

a group of people in a lobby

The Placery (Hyatt Place – cute) is the coffee shop/bar in the hotel

people sitting at tables in a restaurant

There is a desk dedicated to computers that one can use for checking flights and other admin type stuff.

a desk with two computers and a keyboard

On the right is the breakfast serving area and on the left is the seating area for eating.

a glass door with a red door and a white wall

They were preparing it for a wedding when I photographed it.

a group of people inside a restaurant

There is a fair sized gym available, no windows but a useful space.

a room with treadmills and a wall with a poster on the wall a gym with a television and exercise equipment

This was one of the elevator landings, very artsy.

a blue chairs and a coffee table in a room


The small bedroom:

As I have become used to in New York, the bedroom is on the small side. I guess they just have to squeeze as many rooms as possible into their small footprint.

This was the space between the front of the bed and the wall with the tv on.

a tv on the wall

I had a great view from my window. At least it snowed.

a brick wall with a light in the middle

This is the room, no space between the bed and the tv or between the bed and the window, but space for a relaxing chair. No desk or table here.

a tv on the wall

Here is that lovely chair with a little table and footstool.

a couch and a small table

A requisite safe and refrigerator, and small coffee maker and ice bucket. Always one English Breakfast tea bag and one Earl Grey.

a black safe with a door open a coffee maker on a shelf

The cupboard had an iron and ironing board available.

a ironing board on a wall


The bathroom:

A smallish bathroom but at least it has a regulation walk in shower. The shower supplies were by KenetMD Haircare.

a shower with a hand rail and a mirror a group of shampoo bottles on a wall

The basin looks fine until you have perspective. This is how small it is, not even big enough for 2 hands.

a sink with a tissue box and fauceta hand with a ring on a ring in a sink


In review:

A fine hotel even with its shortcomings. Space will always be an issue in New York so it is just something you have to accept.

a bed with a remote control

The hotel itself was pleasant, nice breakfast, pleasant staff, always busy lobby, useful gym.

I don’t think you can go too wrong with whichever of the hotels in this area you choose.