Last week I was planning to book a trip to Hawaii in September. I have some Delta eCredits for flights that I had planned to take last year but cancelled. At this point in time, Delta has been quite generous and extended the eCredits from changed/cancelled flights until December 31st of 2022. Additionally, I have some Delta Gift Cards I recieved from a Christmas present.

When you go online to apply your eCredits, it will take you to a page that also can show your gift cards, but unfortunately online it states that “Gift Cards cannot be applied when eCredits or Certificates have been selected.”

Delta Gift Card

I decided to try calling to Delta to see if it was just a website setting and that a representative over the phone could help assist in adding a Delta Gift Card along with my eCredits. Unfortunately, current hold times were approximately three hours. So, instead I decided to try the iMessage feature that Delta has. I texted them my question, and about three hours later I got a text back with an agent who was willing to help.

Mixing Delta eCredits with Delta Gift Cards:

Once connected to the agent, they were able to assist me in applying my Delta Gift Card to a reservation with an eCredit. The agent stated that you’ll just have to call/message if you want both applied to one reservation. A bit of a hassle, but I’m just happy I’m allowed to mix both together!

The Verdict:

Glad to see that Delta lets you use Delta Gift Cards and eCredits with one reservation. Make sure you’re using all the credits you’ve accumulated. Hopefully Delta will make it a bit easier in the future by allowing the gift cards and eCredits to be used together in online bookings.

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