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Redemption Options

Enjoy Los Cabos with multiple direct flight options on Delta


Given that devaluations are a trend, savvy travelers are always on the look out for better options. After Delta set the trend, United followed. However, all’s not gloomy, well at least for now. When airline programs devalue their miles, most people simply give up thinking about these frequent flyer programs.

Last week, I wrote about how changes to legacy frequent flyer programs in the US have left a sour taste in the mouth for even the most loyal customers. This week, we’ll focus on one of my favorite redemptions. After Delta devalued, I’ve used this redemption option to keep flying Delta  without having to use any Sky Miles.

Partner Redemption

Most miles and points aficionados would’ve already guessed by now that I’m talking about Virgin Atlantic. Virgin Atlantic often gets a bad rap and for good reason. If you use Virgin Atlantic miles to fly Virgin Atlantic, you often have to pay hefty fuel surcharges out of pocket.

Virgin Atlantic Flying Club

It’s not that difficult to earn a significant amount of Virgin Atlantic miles. Virgin Atlantic is a transfer partner of most of the major flexible point programs. You can transfer your points to Virgin Atlantic with the following programs or simply sign up for the Bank of America Virgin Atlantic World Elite Mastercard:

  1. Chase Ultimate Rewards
  2. American Express Membership Rewards
  3. Citi ThankYou
  4. Marriott Bonvoy


Redemption Routes and Rules

There are a bunch of different ways in which you can mix and match routing in order to maximize Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles. Please note that you will be charged miles based on segments flown. Here are some of the great options available. You can always play around with routes and airports to suit your travel plans. The mileage amounts mentioned below are for one way flights.

Log into your Virgin Atlantic account in order to check your options

Make sure that you select the Miles option instead of Money



Los Angeles, CA to Cancun, MX: 30,000 Miles + $34.59 in First Class

You can look up a chart going forward with flexible dates


Seat availability is good on this route


Delta wants you to pay 56,000 Delta Sky Miles for the same flight


Salt Lake City, UT to Toronto, Canada: 22,500 Miles + $5.60 in First Class


Just 22,500 Miles for a 4 hour flight in First Class!


An extra 9,000 Delta Sky Miles for the same flight on


Los Angeles, CA to Atlanta, GA: 22,500 Miles + $5.60 in First Class


Just 22,500 Virgin Atlantic Miles for a 4 hr 22 min flight!


Delta charges 56,00 Sky Miles for the same flight


Vancouver, Canada to Atlanta, GA: 22,500 Miles + C$56.11 in First Class


For almost 5 hours in flight, just 22.5k miles in First Class!


Los Angeles, CA to Mexico City, Mexico: 30,000 Miles + $34.59 in First Class


Delta charges a whopping 85,000 Sky Miles for the same flight!


Atlanta, GA to San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico: 30,000 Miles + $34.59 in First Class



70,000 Delta Sky Miles for the same flight!

The Pundit’s Mantra

While Delta and United have taken steps in the wrong direction, there’s still value to be mined from partner frequent flyer programs. Virgin Atlantic’s Flying Club presents one such opportunity. While the examples above largely cover a few routes that I’ve flown, you can mix and match and look for the best options based on your home airport.

Have you redeemed Virgin Atlantic miles for flying Delta? Let us know some of your favorite redemptions in the comments section. 

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