Sometimes I make mistakes during my travels. I earned WestJet Dollars for my Business Class flight to Puerto Vallarta. I paid a revenue fare using some expiring WestJet travel bank dollars.

Typically, when we think of collecting points, the general belief is that revenue Business Class tickets should have one of the highest earn rates.

That is not quite true for WestJet. I earned a grand total of $2 worth of rewards towards a future WestJet flight…
WestJet Dollar Earnings
To say I was disappointed would be an understatement.

As a point of comparison,

  • if I would have been flying Air Canada Business Class and credited to Air Canada Aeroplan, I would have earned 3,300 Aeroplan Points.
  • if I would have credited to Delta, I would have earned 2,200 Delta SkyMiles

I am sure, had I earned to any other frequent flyer program, I would have earned rewards greater than $2, which I earned in WestJet.

There is a reason why I believe, the best ways to earn free WestJet flights is through Delta SkyMiles. Earning WestJet Dollars for Business Class flights will not take you very far.

In full transparency, this was completely my fault. I knew the disappointing WestJet Dollar earn rates. I also thought I changed it at check-in, receiving a revised boarding pass with my Delta frequent flyer number. However, after my return from Puerto Vallarta, I was disturbed to see that WestJet dollars were earned for my flight to Puerto Vallarta. My return flight was property credited to Delta.