I may be wrong, but I think this is the first hotel review I’ve completed while still occupying a room at the hotel.  Yes, I’m almost done with a 7-night stay at the Sheraton Oklahoma City.  Almost being the keyword as I check out on Monday.  While I typically prefer to wait until I complete my stay to post a review, I feel that I’ve been here enough nights to know what I want to say.  And who knows, maybe hotel management will read this while I’m here and offer comments to the blog.

Overall, the hotel is fine.  It’s certainly close to Oklahoma City’s Bricktown area, which was a personal requirement for this trip given the number of nights that I’m staying.  The hotel is currently undergoing  renovations which appear to be directed at bringing the hotel up to date as part of Sheraton’s multi-billion dollar upgrade going on across the brand.  The pool is closed, and several areas of the hotel are blocked off as part of its reconstruction.  That said, I’ve noted no construction noise, and have no substantive complaints about the hotel.


I arrived at the hotel around 6:30PM on Monday.  Prime time for business-week arrivals.  There is evidence of the previously mentioned renovations as part of the lobby appears older, while the reception desks appear to be far more modern, and immediately adjacent to the area dedicated to Sheraton’s new “Link@Sheraton” concept which appeared substantially complete but the coffee bar and free wi-fi were not yet available in OKC.

Upon approaching the reception desk, I was immediately greeted, and politely checked into the hotel.  I had reviewed my reservation before arrival using Starwood’s iPhone application and noted that my standard room had been upgraded to a “Deluxe” room with slightly better amenities listed including complimentary bottled water and a bath robe.  The key card jacket presented included an insert noting my Starwood Preferred Guest Gold status and stating that “an enhanced room is waiting for you.”

The Room

After check-in, I headed up to my 12th floor “Deluxe” room.  Exiting the elevator, I noted that the hallways seemed brighter than they did since my last visit which leads me to believe that the rooms on this floor may have had a light touch up since I was here a few years ago.  The room itself was basic Sheraton with a large LCD TV, “Sweet Sleeper” bed, desk (with only one available outlet via the lamp), and plenty of storage and closet space.  Two fairly comfortable chairs, a table, and one ottoman are also present.  Starbucks coffee is provided for the in-room brew.  The bathroom while nothing special, is certainly functional and well lit.

Internet access is available wirelessly for $9.95 per night with a slightly better price if you buy for the whole week.  While Sheraton advertises that it’s Link@Sheraton concept provides free wi-fi in the link area, this does not yet appear to be available at the Oklahoma City hotel even though the area appears to be substantially complete and a “Link@Sheraton” wireless identifier appears in my available wi-fi connections.

Random Observations

  • Construction is ongoing, but I didn’t feel like it impacted my stay.
  • The hotel’s gym has already been renovated and was pretty nice.  I visited in the evenings after work, and while never empty, it was never so crowded that I couldn’t find a cardio machine to workout with.
  • Self-parking is $10 dollars per day in the attached garage.
  • The internet was reasonably speedy, and I noted no issues with connectivity.  I’d still rather not pay $9.95 per day for it.
  • Need a quick soda or candy bar?  Visit the sundry “cabinet” by the front desk.  Prices were reasonable.

Around the Hotel

The Sheraton Oklahoma City is conveniently located adjacent to Oklahoma City’s Bricktown area.  Formerly a collection of old warehouses, the city has obviously invested significant resources in redeveloping the area, and it is now home to a respectable collection of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs.  Lodging near Bricktown has been a godsend this week as my work site is out by the airport where there is literally nothing to do.  Frankly, I like Bricktown, and the city has a lot to be proud of.  No, it isn’t New York, Chicago, or DC, but it offers entertainment and dining options that one might not expect if you aren’t familiar with the city.

In my many trips to the area, I’ve often heard that the city’s best steak was served at Mickey Mantle’s.  I finally had the opportunity to dine there during this trip and I was not disappointed.  Steak lover that I am, I went for the “Cowboy Cut” ribeye.  Cooked perfectly, I think I’m safe in saying that it was one of the better steaks I’ve had, and certainly the best I’ve enjoyed in Oklahoma City.  Other great restaurant options include Bricktown Brewery, TapWerks (a Rewards Network participant), and The Mantel.  I’ve dined at each during this visit or others, and all are great, and better yet, a very short walk from the hotel.

I found another great restaurant during this visit as well, Bolero Tapas Bar and Spanish Grill.  Located at 200 S. Oklahoma right on Bricktown’s canal, Bolero may be my new favorite spot to visit when I’m in OKC.  I dined on the salmon and scallop skewer, and frankly, I thought it was excellent.  The bar opens up to the canal, and has both indoor and outdoor seating.  Check this place out if you visit OKC.

Note: If I discover another restaurant before I leave, I’ll update this post.

The Bottom Line

The Sheraton Oklahoma City is one of a handful of pretty good hotels in downtown OKC.  The staff I interacted with were all uniformly polite and helpful as you might expect in Oklahoma’s largest city.  While the Hilton Skirvin is my favorite of the downtown OKC hotels, my preference for Starwood properties and the hotel’s ongoing efforts and renewing itself will certainly bring me back when business requires another visit to Oklahoma City.  The Sheraton Oklahoma City is a fine hotel, with friendly people.  And being located just steps from OKC’s primary entertainment and dining district makes it a sure bet if you are looking for a good hotel in Oklahoma City.