I was in London for a few days and didn’t want to stay in the city so I decided on the Hilton Doubletree in Ealing in London.

It is in a really pleasant position on the A406 right across from the large Ealing Common. Ealing Common underground station is about 10 minutes walk away and there are some supermarkets and restaurants (including Nandos) in the same area.

Wembley sports stadium is near Ealing as well as Chiswick House and Gardens. I ended up spending time at the Imperial War Museum and enjoying a tour of Wimbledon and the Lawn Tennis Museum too.




The hotel:

I had the most wonderful check-in experience with Maira. She had a charming sense of humor and we clicked straight away. We bantered about all sorts of issues while she was checking me in, it was lovely.

She remembered me each time I had an interaction with the desk and our banter continued for the whole stay. It adds so much to the pleasure of the stay.

a woman standing behind a counter

I had parked my car out front and they entered my details into the system so I could go around and park in the protected area.

a sign on a pole

As you can see there are various rates, I believe I paid the £14.50 per night charge as a hotel guest.

After parking the car and walking into the hotel I noticed the Perry Suite. Fred Perry won Wimbledon 3 years in a row in the 30’s and was from this Ealing area. Nice to see him being remembered.

a white sign with brown text on a wood surface


My room:

Most rooms in regular hotels in Europe seem to be of a smaller size. I have experienced the same in Ireland, England, Italy and Greece so far.

a bed with white sheets and a table in a hotel room

This desk with nice chair, lamp and power plugs was useful.

a chair and a desk

There was another set of plugs like this on both sides of the bed.

a black alarm clock on a wood surface

Besides the desk only this little bench was available for putting my suitcase on. Nowhere but the bed to sit on.

a bench with a cushion

The cupboard had hangars, a laundry bag, ironing board and iron.

a clothes swinger with a sign on it

a white surfboard in a room

Nice to have a refrigerator available.

a small refrigerator with a door open

There was this nice pod coffee machine and a kettle with proper tea mugs and spoons and everything.

a machine with a case of coffee capsules

a coffee machine and a tray with a white mug and a bottle of water

The room was rounded off with a nice size safe which could take my large computer.

a black box with a keypad


The bathroom:

Space was saved in the bathroom too. Consisted of a single basin and a walk in shower.

a sink with a faucet and soap bottles

This was the shelf behind the toilet, useful use of space.

a shelf with a box of tissues and a sign on it a shower with a shower head and a hand shower

You can see here how narrow the room is. The window on the right and only space for the desk on the left.

a bed with a white bedding and a white headboard

The view from my room was lovely. There is a really big park (Ealing Common) across from the hotel and this was my view.


Morning breakfast:

A sweet notice on the right explains that the breakfast area is busiest from 6:30-8:00 Monday to Friday because of business people, but is busy from 9:00-10:30 on weekends because of visitors and tourists.

a elevator with signs on the wall

This meal was really good value. There is so much stuff available to choose from, all the regular items for a full English breakfast.

Eggs, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes, sausages and bacon and lots more

a row of food in containers

Bagels and other items for the toaster. Juices as well.

Some really nice spreads for your breakfast toast. I enjoyed the strawberry and blueberry jams.

a display case with jars of food on it

There was this lovely cold meat spread as well. Fruit and yoghurt too.

Various cereals and milk, and baked goodies. Such a complete setup.

a buffet with food on trays

This is the breakfast seating area. More than enough space for different sized groups.

a room with tables and chairs

All in all this was a great way to start the day.

Here are all the choices available. Such a varied selection.


The rest of the hotel:

I enjoyed this display on one of the floors.

a plant on a table

This was the downstairs bar. I would have a drink there while waiting for my room service. All the food and drink in this hotel was rather good.

a bar with bottles of alcohol

Here is the lounge in the front of the hotel.

a room with chairs and tables

This is the office space available, only a desk and wall plugs.

a desk and chair in a room

Quite a nice size gym. Enough variety of exercise machines to keep us all fit.

a room with exercise equipment

a room with exercise machines and treadmills

The front entrance. Just a narrow road for arriving and dropping off. Hotel parking is around the back.

a building with umbrellas and plants on the side



The Hilton Doubletree in Ealing was a really pleasant place to stay, the room excepted. Maira at check-in was great, the breakfast was wonderful, the room service was great. In general it was a lovely stay.

If you accept that the room will be small it is a really good place to stay in London.