Hot nuts or cold nuts, that is the question. How do you like yours? Some people like their nuts at room temperature, but others prefer their nuts to be smoking hot. I know I prefer my nuts to be nice and warm when I’m flying as nothing is more disappointing than cold nuts.

A Tale of Two Nuts

Everybody loves a nut* and they are a staple in bars throughout the world. Airlines have cottoned on to this and they are served with your first drink on several carriers.

On British Airways, Club World passengers receive a little bag full of them to enjoy with their drink. In the traditional British manner, it is culturally accepted not to change anything and to accept things as they are. The only concession is a whiff of a dusting of salt.

On American Airlines, domestic First Class passengers are treated with a nut or twenty also. In usual American style, an idea is not an idea unless it has been improved upon and they come bagless, hot, salted and in a ramekin. I learned the word ramekin thanks to American Airlines – who knew nuts could be educational too?

The Experience

Each concept offers a different experience for the consumer. The British Airways concept means tearing into a packet, wiggling your fingers into the pouch and grabbing a few nuts. People with fat fingers like me can find it somewhat difficult to liberate a nut from the package.

On the other hand, the American Airlines concept means easy access to the goodies. They remain warm for a decent amount of time and all appears to be good in the world. Until fat fingers strike again and you accidentally knock a nut onto the floor. Disaster!

Overall Thoughts

I enjoy a nut or three with my first drink. It’s nice to pick at them while relaxing or while picking a movie to watch. My first hot nut experience opened my eyes to all they could offer and I prefer them hot to cold. Go American Airlines! Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

* Unless you have an allergy, which means they’re not for you!

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