Spent some time in the North West so stayed at the Hilton Home2Suites in Boise Idaho.

When you are staying longer than a few days this is a great hotel as the rooms have a full kitchen with fridge, stove, dishwasher and microwave. The hotel also provides a free daily breakfast.

On arrival checked into room 709.


My long term stay room:

My very pleasant room for the week, with desk, sofa and comfortable space.

The bathroom is basic with a walk-in shower and one basin.

Toiletries are by Zero%.

The lovely kitchen:

The full kitchen in my room. All the plates, pots, cutlery and glassware are provided.

Nice sets of 6 of each item. As I was the only person staying I could use a different setting each time I needed it and then put the dirty items in the dishwasher.

All cutlery and other items are supplied.

There are various bowls available as well as a toaster.

Full size fridge with a freezer section is a delight.


There is a Trader Joe’s right across the road from the hotel so you can pick up almost everything you need for your stay.


The rest of the living space:

The basic coffee maker can be used to boil hot water if you don’t use the stove.

The tv has Showtime available for free which was great. The Netflix and Amazon available needed you to log in with your own code to be able to watch.

A wall mounted desk and power plugs that has a movable desk underneath which is very useful.

A small cupboard but it does have sufficient hangars as well as an ironing board with iron.

The sofa with side tables and foot support. I presume it is also a fold out bed but I did not try it.

The bed with 3 pillows (no scatter cushions) and bedside tables with lamps and plug points available.

This was the view out of my window. Except for some hotels and office building in Downtown Boise most of the buildings are not very high.


The rest of the hotel:

There is a nice size gym with various treadmills, climbing machines and pedal cycles. Weights, medicine ball, tv. Seems well supplied.


The indoor pool:

A pleasant pool that seems aimed more at children than adults. The deep end is only 4 ft deep while the shallow end takes up half the pool with a whale and a small slide.

All the emergency equipment is on hand and up to date. This is one of the first times I have noticed a hotel set it out so well.

Next to the gym there is a laundry with 2 Whirlpool washers and 2 Whirlpool dryers freely available.

A boardroom is also available to be booked and used.


The lobby area:

This is the area for eating breakfast.

This hotel has rather a large lobby area. There are 3 distinct sections to the lobby, 4 if you count the breakfast tables around the corner to the right.

Fancy settees and fireplace.


There is also a tea/coffee station with a nice variety.


Parking garage:

There is a 7 floor parking garage connected to the hotel.

This is the view from that 7th floor parking space. You can just see the Capitol building peeping out.

This is the view away from downtown towards the hills.


Boise conclusions:


This ended a rather good stay at the Hilton Home2Suites in Boise. The full size kitchen is a blessing when you are staying for a while. Being able to cater for yourself is really cool.

I would recommend staying at Home2Suites in any city in the US, we all had a very pleasant stay.