It matters where you stay.

I spent 50,000 points for one night at a Hilton but it was so worth it. I stayed at The Hilton Garden Inn T2+T3 Heathrow.

a building with glass doors

Sometimes circumstances mean that you have to make a quick decision that will cost you more than normal but you know it will be worth it in the end.

This is what happened to me on my way from Athens to Dallas via Heathrow. I landed at Heathrow at about 10pm on Monday 18th and my onward flight was at 10am the next morning.

I didn’t want to be bothered with taking a bus or a taxi to a cheaper hotel so I decided to book the Hilton Garden Inn Terminal 2+3 for the night.,%20London,%20GB&coords=51.4706,-0.461941&geocodeType=airport&bounds=50.96695904181534,-1.2704204743455376,51.97600973510977,0.3493641742606779


It is walkable from Terminal 2 or 3 so off I went.

a large white airplane on a runway

Really great views on the short walk ( this is from the next morning walking back to the terminal.)

As I arrived at the lobby I confirmed with the receptionist that this was indeed the hotel I had listed and I said I was booking a night.

He replied that they were full and had no space. I clicked the reservation on the Hilton app and it said I was confirmed.

He was skeptical but said I should wait for a few minutes for the transaction to come through.

a row of blue chairs in a room

I sat for a few minutes. Then suddenly he got busy and I saw that he was enabling access cards and getting water and he came over to me and gave me the cards.

He seemed surprised that I had got a room when he had said the hotel was full. I guess possibly my gold status helped but I am not sure.


The Heathrow hotel room:

a screen shot of a computer

The hotel room was reasonably standard compared to other Hiltons across the world as it should be.

a bed in a hotel room

Comfy double bed with nice linen and 4 pillows is a great start.

There is a desk and chair so you can work or use it for eating. There is also a comfy chair and table for relaxing.

a desk with a lamp on it a table and chair in a room

A nice fridge is provided as well as a safe.

a glass door with a glass door a safe with a keypad

Being in England a kettle rather than a coffee maker was provided. Nice mugs and teaspoons with various teabags and supplies.

a tray with cups and mugs on it

A steam iron and hair dryer are also provided.

an iron on a shelf a black hair dryer with a cord


The nice bathroom:

My highlight of this stay was the shower in the bathroom. Here is the stock standard basin and supplies.

a sink in a bathroom

Crabtree and Evelyn toiletries are provided in squeeze bottles.

Shampoo, conditioner and body wash in the shower and body lotion and hand wash at the basin.

a group of shampoo bottles on a shower rod a couple of black bottles on a wall

The shower had a rain head that worked really well and then I used the magic hand wand.

That hand held shower was magical. The water pressure was so hard that I could use the shower spray to massage my muscles.

It was a narrow spray of water which I guess enhanced the power of the spray, but it was so good to have.

Having travelled for most of the day it was so nice to just stand and spray my shoulders, back, feet and legs. It was like a professional massage, I felt wonderful after the shower.

a shower with a shower head and shower head


The downstairs hotel area:

This describes some of the areas of the hotel that you can use. A fitness centre as well as 2 laundry areas, restaurant and bar and meeting rooms. The bridge linking to terminal 2 is available on the reception floor.

a sign on a wall

The restaurant was open in the morning for breakfast. I did not eat there as I had my eye on an airport lounge to check out instead. A companion bar was also near.

a man standing in a room with tables and chairs a door with a sign on it

The lobby area had these supplies available. Noodles, sandwiches, drinks, sodas, toiletries. All things you might need while traveling.

a display case of beverages

The requisite automatic coffee maker was also handy. Such good coffee.

a coffee machine with a screen and a screen

2 computers and a printer were prominently available for office use.

a desk with computers and a printer

Travellers might need money and there is an auto bank available too.

a machine with a screen and a screen on it



This stay was definitely worth the points I ended up spending.

The room was great, the shower was magical, the breakfast looked good and the hotel had everything you might need if staying for more than 10 hours.

If I have a similar circumstance in future I will definitely stay here. Next time I hope to enjoy the rooftop viewing area.