Over the years, I’ve heard tons of horror stories from hotel GMs, security chiefs and owners about horrendous behavior from everyone from drunken young adults to – of course – politicians.

But in a Q&A interview with the Boston Globe the other day, veteran hotelier Anthony Melchiorri told one a story that I’d never had the “pleasure” of hearing…or even considering. So, while the “Hotel Impossible” TV series host didn’t name names, I’m highlighting his story here.

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The story takes place at an unnamed hotel that Melchiorri ran. Specifically, it involves a suite at that hotel where a famous rock star had just checked out – and a female guest had just checked in. Melchiorri told the Globe:

“The guest came down the stairs screaming. She went to iron her blouse and there was urine in the iron. Someone had peed in the iron. What do you say to a woman who has pee all over her blouse? ‘Never, ever use the water that was left over from the previous guest, because it just might be urine?’ The rock star is still alive and relatively reclusive and he was in a band with four people — and it’s not The Beatles.”

Readers: I sure hope you can’t top this one!