There is a new kid on the block with the striking name of Great Dane Airlines. Unsurprisingly, this new carrier is based in Denmark and will be flying out of Aalborg.

Aalborg is Denmark’s fourth largest city, after Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense, and is situated in the north of the country. Three routes will be operated when the airline launches.

Great Dane’s Initial Routes

Upon launch, Great Dane will operate flights from Aalborg to Dublin, Edinburgh and Nice. Dublin Airport report there will be a twice weekly service on Tuesday and Friday between 21 June and 26 July and then weekly on Tuesday until 15 October.

Edinburgh will commence on 24 June, also with twice weekly service, followed by a weekly service to Nice from 26 June. Among the scheduled services will be charter flights operated on behalf of Danish travel agency Bravo Tours.

Great Dane Aircraft and Tickets

Embraer E195 aircraft will operate the flights with seating for 118 passengers. Three fare families are offered, called Economy, Premium Economy and Full Flex.

Economy will offer hand baggage only, with tea and coffee served, as well as sandwiches on flights over 1.5 hours. Premium Economy offers the addition of a checked bag, while Full Flex offers all of this plus Fast Track Security and a fully refundable ticket.

Overall Thoughts

You can tell by the Great Dane web site that the airline is still in the startup phase. It is only offered in Danish, though the automatic translation by a browser works well enough.

Trying to book a flight doesn’t get you anywhere, as pricing does not appear when you make the attempt. Considering the plan is to commence in about two and a half months, getting this sorted would seem to me to be a priority.

Would you fly on a brand new airline? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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