In a nutshell: The Grand Hyatt Denver is an excellent option for a visit to Colorado’s capital city. Enjoy comfortable rooms, a nice buffet breakfast, quality facilities, and a nice downtown location 1.5 blocks off the 16th Street Mall. This particular property doesn’t have quite the same luxury feel that I’ve come to expect of Grand Hyatt, but it is still good value as a Category 3 award. 

Near the beginning of August 2021, I enjoyed an excellent weekend with friends (some old, but made many new ones) in the Mile High City. Quite a few of us Globalists descended upon the Grand Hyatt Denver. The situation made it unfortunate for the late-arriving among us, as all the suites were quickly taken. Luckily for me, I got into town a day ahead of time, spending a total of three nights at the Grand Hyatt. As a Category 3 property requiring 12,000 points per night, my stay cost a total of 36,000 World of Hyatt points.

It wasn’t the most amazing redemption in terms of value, but it solidly beat paying the cash rate. As a Globalist, I enjoyed excellent benefits at the hotel.

Arrival in Denver

I flew into Denver on a Thursday, well ahead of our Friday evening event. Due to operational impacts at DEN, I am very glad I did so. Many others arrived late. Getting to downtown from Denver International Airport is best accomplished by taking the train, unless you’re a group of 3-4 people. Then Uber is likely just as economical.

The train takes 40 minutes to make the trek, and it leaves regularly during the day. Entering Union Station after I arrived, I was taken aback by how elegant it is. Definitely one of the best train stations I’ve been to. After getting my bearings (which requires WiFi, since I willing choose to be luddite), I realized that there is a free bus called the Mallride that will take you up and down the 16th Street Mall. This is the easiest way to get to the Grand Hyatt Denver after arriving by train. The hotel is a 1.5-block walk from the Welton Street stop.

I entered the elegant lobby of the Grand Hyatt Denver from the main doors where the vehicle drop-off zone is. The side entrance on Welton Street was closed. A sign informing guests of their COVID-19 policy and a hand sanitizer dispenser had been added, front and center.

Check-in was super quick and smooth. I was upgraded to a suite. The hotel has 516 rooms, only 27 of which are suites.

Corner Suite

My suite was on the 22nd floor, just a few floors shy of the top of the building which boasts their (currently closed) Grand Club. Based on other people’s experiences, there are a couple different layouts of their Executive Suite, the standard type of suite offered by the hotel. I really liked the corner I was given.

The corner suite opens into the living area, which has a couch, table, and TV nicely arranged. There is also a four-person dining table. Near the entrance is a counter with the in-room coffee and water, with a mini-fridge in the cabinet underneath.

The bedroom is separated from the living area by a door that closes fully, which is not the case for all Grand Hyatt Denver suites. Like the living, area, the bedroom is nicely appointed with a king bed, chair, table, and desk. The desk has a lovely view of downtown Denver.

I appreciated that all there were sufficient outlets for plugging in everything (computer, phone, external battery, camera battery, etc.). One of the few complaints I’ve had at older upscale hotels is that they haven’t been renovated for our modern era where everyone is toting around a bunch of gadgets.

The bison wall art is fitting for a state spanning both the plains and the Rocky Mountains.

The view was best during the first evening and morning. After that, the smoke got quite bad in Denver, and things became even hazier than you can see in the photo below.

The bathroom in the Grand Hyatt Denver suite was nice as well, although not overly large. It had a nice shower, single sink, and all the amenities you’d expect. I was glad that individual toiletries are offered instead of the wall-mounted units becoming common even in nicer hotels in more home state of California.

One small (but funny) complaint about the room has to do with the control for the sheen and blackout curtains. I couldn’t find it. Once I realized there was no chain to manually close both, I knew there had to be one somewhere. It would make sense for the control to be next to the window. Not there. I looked next to the bed, and even near the entrance to the room. I finally found it behind the bedroom TV, along with the the thermostat.

The room did have a bit of cosmetic damage in places. Things weren’t pronounced, but you could spot the wear and tear if you have an eye for detail. This scratch in the wall is probably the worst I saw.

Overall, the Grand Hyatt Denver Executive Suite was very nice. I slept well, and enjoyed a very comfortable stay.

Breakfast Buffet

As a Globalist, you’re normally offered complimentary breakfast in the Grand Club. With the Club closed, the hotel is instead serving their elite members in the restaurant. You just need to bill it to the room. Remember that up to four registered guests (2 adults and 2 kids) can eat for free with top-tier Hyatt status. I may have enjoyed both first and second breakfast one day, one billed to my own room and the other billed to that of a friend. Shh, don’t tell the hotel.

The breakfast is back to a full buffet, which is fantastic. There were several hot options, including eggs, bacon, hash browns, sausage, and French toast. There is also a staffed omelet bar. Breakfast includes plenty of other options as well, such as muffins, pastries, and fruit.

I want to remark on the service. In my estimation, it was very good for a U.S. hotel. Coffee and water were regularly refilled, and the friendly staff came by occasionally to clear dishes and check on you.

Next to the restaurant is a grab-and-go market with both breakfast and a bunch of other items.

Hotel Facilities

After spending the evening at Coors Field with the group, several of us headed back to the hotel restaurant for a late bite. This was my last stop before bed. The menu was limited, but the tacos offered are decent. Aside from breakfast, this was my only time dining in the hotel restaurant.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get photos of the fitness room, pool, or rooftop tennis court and track, all of which are offered by the hotel. The pool is by reservation, as capacity is limited during COVID-19. The fitness room capacity is not limited, and there were several people in there the one day I worked out.

Sightseeing in Denver

With an excellent downtown location, there is plenty within walking distance of the Grand Hyatt Denver. The 16th Street Mall shopping area is just 1.5 blocks away. I strolled up and down it multiple times with friends during the weekend.

A little further away is the Colorado State Capitol Building. It’s still an easy walk. It’s amazing how many state capitol buildings mimic the dome of the U.S. Capitol Building.

Coors Field is in an enviable downtown Denver location. Sadly, there were no mountain views that day. The smoke was quite bad. But it was fun watching the baseball game. Well…that’s a bit of a lie. There was a whole lot more simply hanging out and talking that watching baseball.

The hotel is also in close proximity to the University of Colorado Denver campus.

Grand Hyatt Denver Review: Final Thoughts

While it doesn’t top the style and luxury of the Grand Hyatt Bogota or the awesome airport views of the Grand Hyatt at SFO, the Grand Hyatt Denver is a solid hotel. I enjoyed the suite upgrade immensely, plus free daily breakfast as a Globalist. I’d gladly stay here again for the same award value.