Ethiopian Airlines is marking International Women’s Day this year by showing off their girl power. A Boeing 787 is flying from their home base in Addis Ababa to Buenos Aires in Argentina with an all female crew.

The theme for International Women’s Day 2018 is “Time is Now: Rural and urban activists transforming women’s lives”. It is important to mark this day as women still experience less rights than men in many parts of the world.

Girl Power At Ethiopian

While having an all female flight crew is something special, Ethiopian have taken it one step further. The picture below shows that it looks like every single aspect of the flight is run by the ladies.

In addition to the pilots and cabin crew, there are ground staff, ramp staff, maintenance personnel and someone even appears to have come from a flight kitchen.

Ethiopian Airlines are a member of Star Alliance and are now the largest airline in Africa. More importantly, they are profitable and safe so they’re a good bet when travelling to that area of the world.

Aer Lingus and International Women’s Day

Other airlines around the world are also marking International Women’s Day. Aer Lingus are giving all women – and any little ones accompanying them – priority boarding on all flights on Thursday 8 March. In addition, EI105 from Dublin to New York will be operated by an all female crew.

Here’s a couple of fun facts – girl power came to Aer Lingus in 1978 when it was the first airline in Europe to hire a female pilot, Grainne Cronin. The airline also employs around 2,000 women out of a workforce of about 4,200 which is very good indeed.

Overall Thoughts

It is important to see airlines marking International Women’s Day. The pictures from Ethiopian demonstrate quite clearly that there are no barriers to women doing any job they wish in the airline industry.

Some airlines are actively pursuing women in areas such as pilot recruitment, to address the imbalance in what is traditionally seen as a man’s role. I think this is a good thing and it’s usually a pleasant surprise when I hear a female Captain doing the announcement from the cockpit on board.

What do you think of airlines that mark International Women’s Day? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Ethiopian Airlines images via Ethiopian Airlines Twitter.
Aer Lingus image via Aer Lingus.