A gin festival? What’s this? Who knew gin is so popular that an airline could have an entire festival for a season in their first class lounge. British Airways are doing just that in their Galleries First Class lounge at London Heathrow.

At one end of the lounge is an outside terrace – as in outside of the lounge proper and still inside the terminal. Fake grass is on the floor and a whole selection of gin, mixers, glasses and more have appeared for people’s enjoyment.

Deckchairs? Must Be Summer!

Around the main self-service bar on the terrace are deckchairs and some art. These are interspersed with advertisements for various types of gin.

It certainly transforms the quiet terrace into something a little more festive than usual. The Terrace is not used as much as the rest of the lounge so it is usually quite tranquil. It still is with all the gin around.

Here’s The Gin Festival

Many people enjoy a glass or two of gin and several producers have their gin available at the gin festival. Little booklets telling you all about the drink are often located nearby.

Hendrick’s Gin is the only one I am familar with. All the others are new to me so it is interesting being exposed to some new products. The gin festival is not confined to the terrace either.

At the other end of the lounge where you enter from the new British Airways First Wing, the bar is also set up for the festival. So, to the big question – how much gin did I sample? Just one glass.

How About Something To Soak Up The Gin?

Happily this lounge offers plenty of food to soak up all the drinks. Table service is offered and there are several items you can order from the menu.

On my last visit to the lounge, I tried the Chicken & Cauliflower Dhansak Curry which is quite good. This time I went for different options.

The six chips that come with the BA Burger still comes across as stingy. At the same time the burger plus the chips is quite filling and it is tasty enough. The Goat’s Cheese Arancini – tasteless and bland.

Overall Thoughts

Lovers of gin who have access to the British Airways Galleries First lounge at London Heathrow must be dancing with happiness! There is a great selection of interesting gin to try during your wait between flights.

All of the rest of the lounge continues to do what it does which is to provide a nice space away from the main airport to relax between flights. Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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