Calling all iPhone users, I’ve got some exciting news for you! Your beloved Apple device has a loophole in the inflight Internet system!

It’s well known that to send iMessages, all you need is access to Wifi. Even on airplane mode, texts can fly between iPhones. I’ve found this especially useful when traveling abroad to keep from using international data.

So back to my point, here’s the loophole you’ve been waiting to hear:


You can iMessage in the sky without purchasing Internet!


Beautiful. One more way to cut down on those travel expenses. Now my group texts no longer have to feel my absence, and after landing plans can be made in real time.

There are limitations though (I knew it was too good to be true!). You must be flying on the Boeing 737 series, which is a commonplace in airline fleets. To find out which aircraft your flying, check out your airline’s phone application. Even better, take a peek at the safety card you’ve never given the time of day before!

To start texting at 30,000 feet, simply turn your iPhone’s Wifi access on, and allow it to connect to your airline’s network. Then voila! Text away! And don’t forget to nudge your non-iPhone neighbor to egg on a iPhone vs. competitor debate.


Happy flying! xo