Seeing commercial aircraft flying in formation is very rare. Imagine passengers seeing another aircraft suddenly flying right beside their window – there would be a variety of reactions from fear to delight.

The Boeing Company is one of the world’s major aircraft manufacturers and their latest products are showcased in a new video. This shows the Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner and the Boeing 737 MAX 9 flying in formation.

Formation Video

One point to make about this two minute video is that no CGI has been used to produce it. I much prefer real photography over computer generated things trying to emulate reality. It just feels better.

All of the shots are from real air to air photography and you will agree the result is pretty amazing.

My only complaint about this formation clip is the fact that it is so short. I could have watched another few minutes of these aircraft flying out with no problem whatsoever.

It would be fun to be on board to feel one of those high gradient climbs – they really look awesome!

Boeing 787-10 and 737 MAX 9

Boeing’s 787-10 is the largest version of the Dreamliner and is expected to enter service in early 2018 with Singapore Airlines. The aircraft is a stretch of the Boeing 787-9 meaning it will carry more passengers over shorter distances. United Airlines, British Airways, Etihad and Air France/KLM are some of the other airlines who have ordered this aircraft.

For the Boeing 737 MAX 9, United Airlines holds the largest order for the type. The MAX series are the latest version of the 737 and for the MAX 9, service entry is expected in early 2018. Air Canada, Icelandair and Turkish Airlines are some of the other airlines planning to operate this aircraft.

Overall Thoughts

When this came up on my Twitter feed, I immediately checked it out. It’s well worth a look and maybe even worth checking out on a laptop screen rather than a phone to see it in all its glory. Well done to Boeing for doing something like this as flight still amazes people to this day.

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Featured image and video via Boeing.