I received an unexpected e-mail from British Airways the other day. Apparently I have an eVoucher full of flight credit available to use and they were reminding me about it.

Considering I think of myself to be pretty efficient and well organised, this was quite a surprise. When it comes to money, I’m even more particular about remembering what is where, so I figured I was across all of my airline vouchers.

Had I Really Forgotten About A Voucher?!

Since the pandemic, I have had numerous flights cancelled and changed, all thanks to ever changing Government regulations. I diligently recorded my British Airways vouchers and used them again pretty quickly on new flight bookings.

When the e-mail came through I was like, “Surely this is a mistake?” as I’d made sure to use all my vouchers. I was so sure I hadn’t forgotten that I even did a dummy booking on the BA website to see if it was legit.

Colour me surprised, but it turns out that the thing is a valid voucher. I ran the gamut of emotions, shocked, dismayed, quietly happy to have some money I’d forgotten about and more.

Now I need to decide what to do with my little windfall. Do I put it towards the Australia flights for July that I am paying off? Or do I book myself another totally new trip to treat myself?

Overall Thoughts

I have to hand it to British Airways here. This is great customer service to remind someone they have a credit voucher they haven’t yet used. Other places would just quietly wait in the hope that you forget about it so they can bank the cash and run.

Hopefully that’s the only one I had outstanding, as I was sure I’d used all of them and probably have. Now, to be sensible or to not be sensible… sensible will have to win out, I’ve already e-mailed through to apply it to my future booking.

Have you forgotten about any airline vouchers you might have? Well I suppose you wouldn’t know if you had. How do you keep track of what you have in credit with airlines right now? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Stevenhe1997 via Wikimedia Commons.