On my trip back from Europe I had a leg from Heathrow to Boston. This was my second departure from Heathrow in a week and each time I had a pleasant check-in and lounge experience.

I used AA miles for this flight. 27,000 AA miles was all it cost which I was comfortable using.

My flight was on the Boeing 777-200. A pleasant aircraft to travel in, the less than 10 hours from Heathrow to Boston was perfect for the plane.




a group of people walking into an airplane

My boarding position is always quite early as I have good American Airlines status so my area of the plane was empty when I got to my seat. I always sit at the window so I settled in to row 28.

a plane with seats and a person sitting in it

a pocket with a magazine in it

Surprising that even though I was Main Cabin extra my leg room was like normal economy, only about 1 inch to the seat in front of me. Not as pleasant as I was hoping.

Passing through business class is always a bit of a pain, as you look at those lovely booths and imagine stretching out in one of them

people inside a plane with people on the seats

These are the overhead baggage units above the center seats. They are not particularly large for a plane of this size. Looks like only 2 bags in each unit.

luggage in a shelf on an airplane


The safety card:

The safety card gives nice visual instructions on procedures for exiting the plane in an emergency. The infant life vest pictures are rather fun.

All the exits and raft procedures for land and water evacuations are shown.

a blue and white brochure a instructions on a paper a close up of a book


The lunch meal:

Rather a pleasant meal actually. It was chicken with a tomato sauce, mash and broccoli. Quite tasty.

From the picture you can see that the salad looked fresh along with a tube of olive oil, the roll was nice as was the butter and cream cheese.

Some gourmet crackers as an alternate use for the butter and cream cheese were also provided.

A small piece of cake, some soda, a small bottle of water, nice wine and we had a fine feast in front of us.

food on a tray


The entertainment system:

‘Inflight entertainment and information’ card is provided to give you an insight, and then the screen has many more details of the system. Areas for movies, tv shows and music are provided. There are also places to check the flight path and other areas of American Airlines.

a blue and white cover with a hand holding a cell phone

One of the things I enjoy about flying long distance is that you almost always have early release movies available to watch. A lot of these movies might be in cinema already but not be available for streaming so you are able to catch up on all the latest movies.

a screen shot of a computer

A nice safety video is played in the screens using American Airlines staff members explaining all procedures, rather fun.

a man wearing a yellow vest and headphones

The remote control is in the seat just below the screen along with the plug for charging. Most screens are touchscreen at the moment but the remote can be useful if you get really comfy in your chair and don’t want to lean forward to touch the screen.

a close up of a device


The engines:

Boeing uses General Electric, Pratt and Whitney and Rolls Royce engines for the 777-200. They reach a top speed of 590 mph and have a range of over 6000 miles.

They are magnificent to look at. Their size is amazing and it is quite incredible that large passenger planes fly thousands of miles over the ocean with only 2 engines.

an airplane engine on a runway



Interestingly enough I almost always enjoy my economy class flights with meals and drinks. The meals are not first class but they are always tasty and have salads, rolls, good butter, wine, alcohol, sodas and water available. Overall a good solid flight and one I did enjoy.