Japan Airlines has put out an interesting piece on how taking care of the little details makes for great flights. It’s called Baton Pass, to show the care taken at the airport, in the lounge and on board.

I am a firm believer that taking care of seemingly insignificant details can change ones whole perception of the travel experience. We’ve all been on flights where little things can really make the difference between average and great.

Japan Airlines Attention To Flights

The pieces of the article I found interesting were where they describe how customer feedback has led to changes. For example, passengers complained that the towels in the First Class lounges felt hard.

Rather than just dismissing that comment, a whole process occurred where they put new towels into place. This involved selecting new towels and then testing them for durability before selection. Feedback on the new towels is therefore much better.

Another stand out part is on cabin temperature, a bugbear of mine on overnight flights. Providing a duvet to sleep under is no good if the temperature of the cabin is too high, as you become too hot, can’t sleep and it’s just gross and uncomfortable.

Japan Airlines researched this on their flights, and found that indeed the cabins were too hot. Therefore, on overnight flights they now lower the cabin temperature. If people are cold, they might offer them hot soup!

Overall Thoughts

Details are terribly important when it comes to making flights great. There is a reason why oneworld member Japan Airlines is one of the Skytrax 5 star airlines. From all I have read, they deserve this rating.

Taking care of things that may seem minor elevates the whole experience. Part of this is psychological, as I firmly believe that crew provide a better service when they have quality items to deliver to passengers. Everything feeds off each other.

Have a look at the article as there are a few other things they have taken into consideration and I thought it very interesting. What do you think? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Images via Japan Airlines.