You know how this myth goes. You are planning a trip with friends and debating which place to go. Various options are being considered and discarded for one reason or another, which is always enjoyable in itself.

A destination is finally settled on and someone pipes up, “That’s great – it’s only an hour’s flight away!”. Everyone agrees that this is a plus as the city is so close. You, my friend, have been a victim of flight time myth!

When Did It Ever Take An Hour?

Recently, it struck me just how long it takes to get anywhere when flying. A flight from Dublin to London is scheduled for 1 hour and 30 minutes and usually you are in the air for about 55 of those minutes. Sounds great, nice and close. Wrong!

I leave my house approximately 15 minutes before my bus is due to go as I must walk to the bus. Once the bus arrives, it is 40 minutes to the airport. You can see where I am going with this, can’t you?

My time at the airport is usually about one and a half hours as I like to leave a little padding in case of traffic or unforeseen circumstances. After that is the flight.

Once on the ground, it is between 10 and 30 minutes before getting on a Tube depending on whether I am carrying baggage or not. Another 45 minutes riding into Central London and then say another 10 minute walk to get to my hotel to check in.

Flight Time Myth Busted!

Looking at the example above, you can see that the total door to door time is 5 hours and 20 minutes. God help you if you live further from the airport than I do, or if you have a longer flight, or if you have to travel further at the end. Any kind of flight connection will add hours to the above.

It’s funny how people refer to places as close because they have a short flight time. It’s a total myth. Some people get to the airport two hours or three hours early just to make sure they have time to get through security and all the rest of it. It makes you think!

Overall Thoughts

People referring to the day getting to and from a place as travel day are not wrong. No matter where you go, it really is a travel DAY. The myth of places being a quick flight away are really hampered by the realities of modern travel. Were airports in city centres and flights iike buses you could just walk on, things would be different. Alas…

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Featured image by Rolf Wallner via Wikimedia Commons.
Dublin Airport via On board image via oneworld alliance.