If you show me yours, I’ll show you mine? There are a couple of places online where you can keep track of your flight history. You enter all your details and you get a nice map as well as various statistics on your flying.

Historically, I have entered everything into FlightMemory.com. However, it’s not possible to export your details from there and I was mildly concerned about losing my data, so I spent a good ten hours entering it all manually into myFlightradar24, which used to be Flight Diary.

Flight History

Keeping track of your flight history as you go is the easiest way to do it. Some people use a spreadsheet, others use the sites I mentioned, while there are also things like App in the Air for use on your mobile device.

Using Google Maps as its base makes myFlightradar24 the best looking. You can zoom in and out, so you can see all the places you have flown to quite easily. It’s handy when you’ve visited airports close together.

More utilitarian are the maps available on FlightMemory as it’s been around for much longer. Still, you do have a few different maps, such as domestic, regional and world.

Both services allow you to enter all the flight details that you might need. This includes aircraft type, registration and name, along with the standard details such as flight times and numbers.

Pleasingly they automatically calculate the flight duration, taking into account the time zones. It would be terrible having to work that out yourself! Also, you get to see your statistics such as number of flights taken, airlines you’ve flown the most, longest flight and so on.

Overall Thoughts

Since my first flight way back in 1985, I have taken 482 flights. It may sound like a lot to some people, while to others it’s a mere toe in the water. You can check out my map and statistics on myFlightradar24 here, or you can go old school and see the FlightMemory version here.

Do you use one of these services or do you think it’s something a little too geeky for you? If you do use one of them, how about you wow me with your map by sharing it in the comments below? Thanks very much for reading!

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Featured image by Anna Zvereva via Wikimedia Commons.